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An Unbelievable Mess

I have said it many times before, and it still is true, the Democrats could screw up a one car parade. The Republicans keep giving them chances to take control of the direction of this country, and time after time they drop the ball because they can't stop fighting among themselves. At what point will the lightbulb go on and they figure things out?

The current three stooges of this party, President Joe Biden, Majority leader Chuck Schumer, and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, are in the process of wasting the best chance in years for the Democrats to enact the agenda Biden wants. And they are doing it in magnificent style for all the world to see.

They are about to blow up all chances of passing, the $3.5 trillion infrastructure package, raising the debt ceiling, and the voting rights bill. Meanwhile, down on the Southern border, pictures of Border Patrol agents riding on horseback and whipping women and children from Haiti are being broadcast worldwide and nobody is doing anything to stop it.

More than half the country does not want to have, Trump 2 The Destruction, come back in 2024, but these three morons are making that return engagement look like a forgone reality. I remain unclear as to why, when they hold the majority in both houses of Congress and the Presidency, they continue to want to have a bipartisan dance in running the country.

They should be taking plays from this piece of shits book on how to get stuff done in Washington. You think he cares about bipartisan? Hell no! He is constantly telling the Democrats to suck him while he goes about getting done what he wants. HELLO! Now, he is stopping them from doing anything and he is in the MINORITY.

Adding to the fun are two Democrats, Senator's Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kristen Sinema of Arizona, who have decided that they are bigger than any party and are willing to drive the bus over the cliff themselves to ensure that the Democrats agenda never happens. Why? Who the hell knows, but they are "just not comfortable passing these bills."

I wonder how comfortable they are facing a primary battle for their next election? That is what Biden should be telling them in his private chats. Either get on board or prepare to go it alone forever. Manchin might survive but Sinema would be a dead Senator walking.

It is time to end the Senate filibuster once and for all. This was fine when people actually had to speak for the whole time, but now just threatening it brings the Senate to a stop. Enough already. The first thing that needs to be done is to stop hurting and deporting people at the border who just want to come here for a better life. If they are trying to get in legally, let them in for gods sake.

Then, the next order of business is getting the two morons under control from their own party. I'm OK with threats against their families if needed. Once that is accomplished, and before they lose the majority, pass the voter rights bill so that we don't lose our republic to the GOP's dream of bringing back slavery and white men only voting.

Now you can go on to passing the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill so that we can finally get some things fixed, you know, like bridges and streets and water lines. There are so many things that need repairing in this country that it will take all that and more to get it done.

After they finish with this stuff they can go back to fighting each other on every stinking little thing like they always do. For now they need to put their pettiness aside, and for the good of the country, they need to get this done. Stop acting like second graders.

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