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Bad News Bears

I have learned a lot in my seventy years on earth one. Many of the great things I've learned I have now forgotten because of various reasons and ways I have killed brain cells over the years, but one thing I still remember is that if the Chicago Bears have a decision to make they will always make the wrong one.

I'm not going to list every stupid move because it would take three weeks to list them all but just one example is that the Bears have started, not used in a game but started, thirty-six quarterbacks during the Bret Favre era alone. If you add in the Aaron Rodgers years you will need to add twenty-nine more. Let that roll around in your brain for a second. Sixty-five quarterbacks during the Green Bay Packers run of Bret Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Depressing.

This week the Bears will have a chance to change that starting tonight when they are projected to draft this guy.

Caleb Williams of USC. By all accounts he is a franchise changer. He is supposed to be the guy that will forever change the Bears bad luck at quarterback since Sid Luckman retired. The futility at this position is so bad it seems like it is make believe.

*No first team all-pros since Johnny Lujack in 1950.

*Only three Bears QB's have even made the pro bowl, Billy Wade in 1963, Jim McMahon in 1985 and the great Mitch Trubisky in 2018 but he was a replacement when they literally couldn't get anyone to come.

*The Bears are the only team in the NFL to never have a quarterback throw at least thirty touchdowns in a season.

*They also have never had a quarterback throw for 4000 yards in a season.

Those last two points might seem like they are unrealistic but for comparison Peyton Manning averaged 4231 yards and 31.7 touchdowns per season for seventeen years! Ten QB's threw for more than 4000 yards last season alone including Rodgers replacement in Green Bay, Jordan Love.

As I said, I'm very confident the Bears will always do the wrong thing so I expect Caleb Williams to be a gigantic bust for them. I say that because quarterback for the Bears is a death zone. Even if the Bears had picked Patrick Mahomes, or Deshaun Watson, or Dak Prescott in 2017, those three would be Mitch Trubisky right now floundering to find a job in the NFL because the Bears ruined him.

Their culture is running back, linebackers, and defensive lineman, quarterback is not their strength. They have no idea how to develop them. Personally I would take Bo Nix from Oregon who I believe is the most NFL ready quarterback in the draft but then I'm not being paid to pick the wrong guy like the Bears.

As further proof of their stupidity, yesterday they announced a $4.6 billion dollar plan to build a new domed stadium on the museum campus area downtown on the lakefront. The plan is to tear down the new Soldier Field which was built only a few years ago and is too small to host any events like Super Bowls or bowl games and build this new complex in its place. Why they didn't think to build a big enough place to do this to start shows they have no clue.

They say they will contribute $2.3 billion themselves and they are asking the Illinois taxpayers to foot the other $2.3 billion. As an example, the Rams built SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles for more money and they needed zero dollars from the good people of LA or California to do it. What's a measly $2.3 billion for the fans.

These dopes already spent $197 million to buy the land formerly occupied by Arlington Racetrack in the suburbs where they announced just last year they were going to build a state of the art complex that would include a stadium, park, shopping, restaurants and bars, and much more. Then the local school districts got a little greedy and the Bears continued to be stupidly cheap and now this in dust.

So, instead of having a complex where seventy percent of your fan base lives, that has a highway exit right there for people to easily get to, and most importantly a train stop right on the property for people to use instead of driving, they decided to build in a location that you can't get to from anywhere easily. That my friends is how the Bears think.

I keep telling you all that it is hard to be a Chicago sports fan and the Bears are near the top of the list as to why. When you see one bad move after another for decades it tends to beat you down a little and eventually you just expect the other shoe to drop sooner rather than later.

This is a huge week for this franchise and the wrong choices will set them back decades. They've already made one decision that likely will be the wrong one, how will they do this weekend in the draft? We will see tonight starting at 8PM EDT.

"The Chicago Bears are on the clock."

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