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I Really Don't Understand

I have resisted writing this for some time because I know it is only going to make things worse. I have mentioned several times before that I have family and friends that have had enough of my pointing out the idiocy of their support for the Republican Party and Donald Trump and are either not speaking to me or ignoring me.

In fairness I also have family and friends that are supporters of the above that do still interact with me and many times we laugh about our complete polar opposite views on life. This, to me, seems like a healthy and adult way to deal with this point in time. To be clear, for those that are not speaking to me I am not holding any grudge or animosity towards them, this is a one way time out.

What I don't understand is how they can continue to support this party and its leaders and yet think of themselves as Christian or a defender of the American Constitution or not racist when everything the GOP does and says is opposite of how they feel about themselves.

Many of the folks that have me in time-out profess to be devoted Christian folks. I know that they go to church regularly and I believe they think of themselves as Christians yet they support a party that is opposite of everything their Lord and Savior teaches. The GOP is constantly espousing hate towards people of color, Jews, LGBTQ+ community, and many others. This is not the supposed stance of a Christian yet they seem to look away and say we can accept this behavior because they are pro life. To me it shows the same fallacy of their belief in that they are devoted to the Bible, but only the second half, not the beginning part. Selective Christianity is not being a Christian. If you are going to call yourself a Christian then you must speak out against the hate being spewed by the party you support.

They get just as mad at me when I point out that they must be racist because I don't hear them speaking out when their party and its leaders are talking about too many people coming to America and spoiling the blood of our country. Or when they say, why aren't more white people trying to come here? Or my favorite, embracing every white nationalist group out there like they were long lost college roommates. People who are against racism don't do these things and if you think the above is OK then I'm sorry but you are a racist.

The GOP has gone out of its way to let us know they are violently against the Constitution and our democracy. They have shown total devotion to Putin and other dictators. The party's leader has said he will be the country's dictator on day one. I mean they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. Toss in voter suppression, voter intimidation tactics like guarding voting drop boxes with machine guns and shouting at voters in polling stations and making it harder for poor people or people of color to vote and it is pretty clear unless you are blind that this party doesn't want anyone to vote unless they are going to vote for their team.

Their blind support of Trump by doing every single thing he directs them to do is also pretty obvious that they have succumbed to the desire of being led by a strongman. They are also like lemmings in their denouncement of the legal system, the free press, the Democratic Party, or any other party for that matter, the waste of time impeachment of Biden that went nowhere, and a host of many other things they do because one guy tells them to do it. If you are doing what one person tells you to do blindly and devotedly then I'm sorry you are in a cult and have lost your way with democracy.

Here is the thing, in spite of their misguided blind belief in a party that is evil and out to destroy our country I still miss interacting with these people. You can't be family or friends with someone for forty plus years or many more, and not miss having them in your life. I still love them even if I disagree with their beliefs on things right now and I just don't understand the childish decision to stop talking to me because I don't agree with them or because I called them stupid. Hell, for some of them I've been calling them stupid for 40 years and yet this was the line in the sand they drew.

I just really don't understand.

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