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Another Horrible Choice

When you think you've seen the Republican party go as low as they can go they make a choice that is so horrible you can only shake your head and wonder what in the world are they doing?

They had two hundred and twenty plus clowns to choose from and their decision to become the next Speaker of the House, and second in line for the Presidency, is a guy that is so far right, and so out of touch, that it is hard to imagine how he got elected. Apparently the three weeks of bad publicity the GOP was getting didn't penetrate their tiny fascist brains so they decided to pick a guy who is a nut job.

Let's meet the choice of the Republican party to lead them in Congress so we can see why they are in love with this guy, for this week.

He is a long time advocate for cutting Social Security and Medicare. He has constantly voted to reduce the spending on these life saving programs for seniors. He believes the retirement age should be raised along with the age to begin receiving benefits from them. He believes there should be a panel to oversee the costs associated with these programs that he calls a "debt commission". They're role is to look at both programs every year and decided if they should have benefits raised, lowered, or eliminated to help balance the budget.

He has a great understanding of these programs as he pointed out in a July 2022 appearance on C-Span: "When Social Security was created in the '60's, the average life span was somewhere in the mid-70's," he said. "Now people live to be 100 routinely. So people are on the program for decades, when it was never structured to be able to to that."

So, a few things to point out here. First, Social Security was created in 1935, not the '60's. Even then the average American life expectancy was older than 70, and if you made it to 65, the age when you were eligible to collect benefits back then, your life expectancy was around 78. As for Americans living "routinely" to age 100, I'm not sure where he lives but here on earth one there, as of 2021, were only 2.5 one hundredths of a percent of the population 100 or older. (0.025)

He has also tied Social Security and Medicare to abortion. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing he pointed out proudly: "Roe v. Wade gave constitutional cover for the elective killing of unborn children in America...You think about the implications of this on the economy. We're struggling to cover the bases on Social Security and Medicare and all the rest. If we had all the able-bodied workers in the economy, we wouldn't be going upside down and toppling over like this." OK.

He consistently pushed the GOP lie that Social Security and Medicare are the primary cause for the debt, that they are going bankrupt and belly up, and that the Republicans are the only ones that care about taking care of our seniors. Nothing about the Trump tax cut that drained $1.5 trillion from our pockets without one single dime coming back to us in return.

According to the Alliance for Retired Americans, on the top ten issues to help older Americans he has a 5% record for his entire career. He has voted against expanding voter access, an expansion of health benefits for veteran's, the omnibus federal spending bill for fiscal 2022, and the inflation reduction act which in part allowed for Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and put a cap on out of pocket spending for insulin.

He is not a friend of seniors and has done all he can do to eliminate our social programs that help seniors every day. But making life harder for seniors isn't all he is passionate about.

He is a long time anti abortion voter and advocate. In January of last year he said, "a child in the womb is a unique human being with unique DNA from the moment of conception." He called abortion comparable to Hitlers holocaust. In an op-ed in the Shreveport Times last year he wrote, "The prevailing judicial philosophy is no different than Hitler's. Because the life of an unborn child, (or disabled adult like Terri Shiavo, (sic), or the elderly and infirm) may be difficult or inconvenient or even costly to society now means it can be terminated." He believes the right to life is vested in all humans at the moment of fertilization or cloning.

He has introduced a bill that would make it illegal to transport a minor for an abortion across state lines without the parents first taking legal action against the person transporting the minor first. The only way even a parent could transport the minor was if the parent was involved in an incestual relationship with the minor. Which of course makes complete sense that you would want the adult raping the child to be the one to decide if she could go get an abortion and then take her there.

While he is adamant that seniors don't get any money he does feel that any pregnant woman should be able to collect unborn child support while they are pregnant. He also is a champion of the Louisiana abortion laws that call for physicians to be fined or jailed if they preform an abortion. Clearly a real woman's right to choose person he is not.

He is also anti LGBTQ+ and staunchly so. He has said homosexuality is a dark harbinger of chaos and sexual anarchy. That it is inherently unnatural and dangerous. That it is a threat to the entire democratic system. And if everyone does what is right in his own eyes, chaos, and sexual anarchy will ensue. He is a big believer in sexual anarchy apparently.

In 2005 he wrote that there was no need to include sexual orientation or gender identity in employment discrimination laws. "Your race, creed, and sex are what you are, while homosexuality and cross-dressing are things you do. This is a free country, but we don't give special protections for every person's bizarre choices."

He was a lawyer for the Alliance Defending Freedom group a federal government labeled anti LGBTQ+ hate group. He has written an amicus brief opposing a US Supreme Court decision which struck down state laws that criminalized same sex relationships in 2003. He has said that the homosexual lobby's ultimate prize is for the redefinition of marriage. I didn't know there was a homosexual lobby or that they are hell bent on redefining marriage.

As bad as his record on the above issues are they are not the biggest concern for anyone who is not far right crazy. It is his position on the results of the 2020 election. He was the core person in the House, working at the direction of Trump, to overturn the free and fair election that Trump lost. He refused to certify Biden as the winner. He was involved in the creating of the legal brief from Texas that asked the Supreme Court to overturn the electoral votes from MI, AZ, PA, GA, and WI which Biden had won. Now he will be in charge of certifying the next election. This is what has many Americans concerned and they should be.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz said on the Steve Bannon show recently, "If you don't think that moving from Kevin McCarthy to MAGA Mike Johnson shows the ascendance of this movement and where the power in the Republican Party lies, then you are not paying attention." There is now a stronghold in Congress of election denying Republicans that are determined to return Trump to power by any means and to keep him there forever.

If you think this guy was a great choice for Speaker then it is likely you are a member of the Trump cult and you hate America no matter how many times you scream the opposite. There is no way that you can think this crazy nutjob is someone you want making decision on behalf of our country and still love it here. He is dangerous. He is delusional. He is demented.

If you vote for even one Republican in 2024 for any office anywhere, you are on the side of ruling by strongmen and a hater of freedoms and Constitutional law. That makes you my sworn enemy. It is time for real people to take back this country and put the crazies away for good.

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