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Before You Vote Know The Facts

Early voting has started in many states so I wanted to share with you some facts before you go to vote. I'm tired of telling you who not to vote for and most of you have already made up your minds and the facts aren't going to change them.

Every election cycle the pundits will tell us that this is the most important election of our lifetime. Usually it isn't, but this time it feels like it might be. I'm not going to get into the myriad of reasons why voting for any person associated with the GOP is dangerous because those who think the GOP is the answer will never have their minds changed.

For the rest of us here on earth one where realty is starting to set in, we know that if these crazies get elected it could change the course of this republic forever. Please make sure you get out and vote. But before you do, here are some facts for you.

Lets start with Crime and The Border.

The numbers on crime are about the same today as they were under Trump, under Obama, and under Bush I and II. The fact is that crime has been fairly steady since the 1980's when it came down dramatically, about 70% or so. The types of crimes moves around from year to year. One year murders are up, the next year it is robberies, then rape, etc. Overall it is till too high for most people, but no one administration can claim victory.

The situation at the border is about the same too. Crossing spikes in the summer because the weather is better so more people come and try. The facts are that the lines of people shown on some news channels are not realty. The people that have recently been in the news for being shipped around the country by Texas, Arizona, and Florida are not here illegally. They are here, just like your families were back in the day, asking for asylum and to be given a green card to get in.

Illegal crossing are at the same levels they have been at for the past twenty plus years. No wall, guards, or program has been able to slow those down who are determined to get in illegally, by any administration.

It's the Economy stupid.

There is no denying that inflation is at the highest levels we've seen in some time. Putting the blame on this administration, however, is not exactly accurate. While they are the ones in charge while it is happening most of it has been out of their control. Economic experts are all over the map with reasons why, many of them are being led by political beliefs and not facts. Here are the top five reasons for the current situation.

  • Gas Prices

  • Consumer Prices

  • Increase in the money supply

  • Supply chain issues

  • Corporate profits

It is a complicated mess trying to get through the maze of issues surrounding each of the bullet points above. Here is what we need to look at when examining the reasons.

Lets start with gas prices and the oil companies because most everything else comes from this issue.

The GOP likes to scream about how Biden is killing the oil industry and causing the gas prices to be high. This is false. Lets compare Biden against Trump in oil production. In the last year for Trump his administration saw 9 million barrels a day in production versus Biden getting out 11 million barrels a day. At his best Trump produced 12.3 million a day while Biden has reached 12.4 a few times already.

Currently the Biden administration has approved 9173 oil leases that are not being used by the oil companies. Trump approved around 200/month while Biden is approving around 330/month. The oil companies are not executing these permits because they want to realize huge profits with the higher prices. Industry experts are baffled why oil companies don't at least get the process started. It appears to be an industry decision to not produce more oil. Could it be politically motivated? Likely.

Anyway, the higher gas prices leads to higher transportation costs, which leads to higher costs for consumer goods, which leads to higher prices at the grocery store. Throw in a never ending supply chain issue and it is inevitable that prices and inflation will be up.

The Fed, hoping to gain control of inflation, have raised and lowered the money markets so often that it is contributing to inflation by there being more money in the system than is being used. So while Biden and the Democrats are in control of the government, they are not in control of the issues and frankly even if the GOP was in charge there would be the same things going on.

If you think that the GOP is the answer to the economy think again because since 2000 both the GOP and the Democrats have contributed 12.6 trillion to the debt. So much for fiscal responsibility of either party. One thing the GOP can take credit for is the tax breaks for the top 1% and corporations which has reduced the amount of money being collected in taxes to help pay down this debt.

Let's talk about our safety nets.

Or as the GOP likes to call them, entitlement programs. First, they are not entitlement programs, especially Social Security which is our money that we, and our employers on our behalf, put into. Same for Medicare which each of us contributes to once we start using it. These have long been the third rail of politics, until now.

It is beyond the pale to think that any political group would find it reasonable to take away the safety nets of seniors, who have propped up these clowns salary for all these years, but that is exactly what the GOP has announced they will be entertaining once they "get control" of both houses.

I could give you five hundred reasons why you should not vote for these idiots but this is the one thing above all else that should be reason enough to vote them out. It is evil, despicable, and unthinkable.

These fools suddenly realized they said it out loud and now are backtracking like crazy. Here is another fact. They are degenerate liars and cannot be trusted with anything they say. You can believe they will be working overtime to find ways to get this done.

They also plan on rolling back the recent law that allows Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices because they feel it is unfair to Big Pharma. They are going to try to pass a bill that will make it illegal for an abortion for any reason period in the US. And they are already trying to put people in place to overturn any election result they feel is not the right choice.

Again, this is the stuff they are saying out loud, just imagine the cruel and disgusting things they are planning in private. This version of a once proud party must be stopped right here and right now before we are down a path we cannot change.

This GOP wants zero democracy or legitimate elections, they want to install an authoritarian regime to force their will on us all. They are looking towards a "Christian Nationalist Movement" as a system for us to live under. This is the same system installed by Hitler and other Fascists leaders in years past.

The numbers don't add up for the GOP to be put in charge, particularly with the social injustices they want. It looks like this will be a close election cycle and it may take days and multiple lawsuits to get the final results but if you care about this country and believe that it should remain a democratic republic then you need to get out and vote for Democrats across the board.

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