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I never thought I would see the day when America wasn't united in the belief that our role in the world order is to protect those that can't protect themselves alone. In the past few years, ever since the last guy tried to not only overthrow our country but equally as egregious, befriend our enemies, the country has added the duty of America to their list of things we can't agree on anymore.

Last night the President gave an Oval Office speech that might have been one of his best so far, even if he had to stretch things a bit to make his point. Even some on Fox News thought it was a good speech. However where he tried to thread the needle, and it didn't quite come off, was when he compared our support of Israel with our support of Ukraine. Now he was correct in saying we need to support both but while he tried to make the point that it was because of the same things, it really isn't.

We are supporting Ukraine because a crazed dictator in Russia invaded a sovereign democratic country for no other reason than he wanted to based on his insane belief that they are still part of Russia. We could not allow this to happen without supporting the people of Ukraine in their fight against an invading horde.

Our support of Israel is much different. Since they formed their country every other country in the region has been hell bent on destroying them and we have been shoulder to shoulder with them in their fight to exist, as we should be. Recently they were savagely attacked by Hamas who amazingly somehow broke through the defenses of Israel and slaughtered thousands of people including grandmothers, children, family pets, and of course many others. This cannot be allowed to ever happen again to Israel and frankly to anyone else in the world.

The people who are most interested in our response to these events are of course our enemies. Are we weakened? Do we still support our friends? Will we take action against others for their crimes? Do we have our shit together?

If you think that Russia and Ukraine are no business of ours, or if you think that Israel is to blame for what happened, then frankly you are friends with our enemy and that makes you our enemy too.

Sadly, there is a growing trend on the right, started by a former President who tried to overthrow our country and has turned his base into a cult of idiots who refuse to see reality no matter how many times they are hit over the head and believe that we should only worry about us, not anyone else in the world.

That is not who we are. We don't turn our backs on evil and allow them to have their way. We get in the face of bullies and tell them go back while we punch them in the nose and send them home. Isolationism has never been a solution that can work. We need to interact with each other around the world in order to preserve humanity and keep those that want to destroy others at bay. If we don't then they will keep expanding their reach until they are lapping at our shores and trying to overthrow us.

Unfortunately we have one party in one branch of our government that is dysfunctional and crazy right now. Their inability to get along with each other, forget about with the rest of us, has brought the country to a standstill. Nothing is getting done while these idiots try to find one guy that isn't crazy to lead them. Good luck with that. Under normal circumstances I would enjoy watching them self destruct but these are not normal circumstances right now.

We need them to figure things out fast so that we can send financial aid to Ukraine and Israel so they can continue to defend themselves. Sadly, there are many in the House that feel we should not be funding Ukraine because for some reason they have become great friends with Russia. Where did this come from? Well the last guy embraced Russia like they were giving him millions of dollars for years. Oh, wait. It turns out they have been.

Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are all evil and need to be stopped. They have been, and continue to be, our sworn enemies. Our relationship with China is much more complicated than it is with the others but we can never lose sight that they don't like us and would be happy if we didn't exist. There is crystal clear clarity of our position with the other three. They need to be punished for what they do and they need to be so broken that they will never have the resources to build up their regimes at home or around the world.

Look, the President has been very clear that America has no plans to send troops to either place to help fight but we will send them whatever tools they need to defend themselves. That is what a partner does and that is what America has always done. If you can't get behind this then I guess there is no hope for you to ever return to earth one and join the rest of us who understand our role in the world.

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