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Catching Up

It has been a while since I posted anything here so I thought I would spend a few Monday minutes bringing you up to date on what is rolling around in that nearly empty space between my ears. None of these really warrant a full blown blog so as I have done in the past I will combine a few thoughts into one recap. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only, no wagering.

Pictured above left is a normal soccer goal. It is eight feet by twenty-four feet and the goalie is one human guarding this alone. The picture on the right is a depiction of the USWNT shot last week going over the net from four feet out against South Korea. I don't watch much soccer as you know but I try to watch the US women's national team when possible and I cannot tell you how many times I see them shooting the ball over the net from point blank range.

Pictured above left is the typical hot chick the Chicago Blackhawks pull from the stands to participate in the shoot the puck contest between the first and second period at home games as the men foam at the mouth dreaming that she might pick them to date. (Spoiler alert: she never will) She is almost 100 feet away from the goal. On the right is the target the said fan is shooting towards to make the first cut and move on to the finals where she will have to make it though the middle target only. I cannot tell you how many time they make the shot. And by the way, these are just ordinary hot humans, not professional athletes shooting the puck.

My point here is how can you slide the puck through an opening that is barely larger than the puck itself with zero experience doing it from 100 feet and yet you can't score a goal shooting into the Grand Canyon from four feet away? It always drives me nuts when it happens in soccer and it is one of the million reasons that I, and 270 million other Americans, don't watch the sport on a regular basis.

I finally broke down and bought myself hearing aids last week. I found a pair on Amazon that after all the discounts and signing up for Prime, they ended up costing me only $118. These are true hearing aids not amplifiers and I was excited to find out if it will improve my quality of life. So far, they don't. To be fair I have not used them in the setting I most need them, at a noisy restaurant when we are out with friends.

They help a bit watching TV although I can hear the TV Linda is watching in the other room better the then one I'm staring at in the family room but I am still trying different settings to filter out that distraction. I used them last week when I had my weekly beauty shop and grocery shop day with my mother and they made a bit of a difference. I will keep trying different settings and places to see if they are the answer or just the first attempt at getting the right ones. Stay tuned. It sucks to get old.

You might have heard that most of the West and Southwest were under an excessive heat warning last weekend including where we live. I had to laugh at this because it is June and it is excessively hot from May until November so I was not sure why we were included. We usually only get these when it is going to hit 115 or hotter and we were only going to reach 103-105 which we call Spring here.

Now it made sense for the people living along the coast and in the inland valley's where +100 is definitely not the normal for them. Many communities along the coast don't even have air conditioning because it rarely get above 75 so they were in line for some serious suffering for sure. We'll start to worry in about a month when we hit 110+ for four solid weeks and cool is what we were in the 70's.

I have many of you asking me. "Dan, why do you continue to poke the bear when you know that so many of your friends and family have stopped talking to you over your campaign against Trump?" The simple answer is that I care about them and want to make sure they are hearing from someone who loves them that they have lost their minds and need to get professional help.

The ignorance, delusion, and destruction that they are in the midst of will likely cause long term mental health issues and sadly it will take multiple generations to finally wipe out this dark chapter in our country's history. If you think that the convicted felon on the left is the answer then you have turned into the mental midget on the right.

To repeat. He hates you. He wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. He is only running for President to stay out of jail and he has no policy issues. If he is elected he will tear up the Constitution and eliminate democracy. You don't have to believe me, he is saying it himself and you can hear him say it if you stop watching dangerous far right media who is working with him to destroy America.

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