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Catching Up On The News

Some half stories, and partial ideas, I've been saving for a few weeks that are not going to become my next Pulitzer. I hope everyone had a safe and stress free holiday weekend. While the weather is starting to finally get better for many of you, here in the desert our magical run looks to be over as we are staying in the 90's, with the 100's just around the corner. (Sigh)

Major League Baseball finally did something I never thought I would see them do. They actually became socially responsible, and sent a strong message to the State of Georgia, that voter suppression is not acceptable. Nobody was more stunned than me to see them actually do something like this, first.

I've already said my piece on this topic so I won't bore you all over again, but this was a direct hit to these clowns who passed this law, and now are trying to sell it as something wonderful for everyone. The lawmakers either think we are stupid, or, they are more imbecilic than even I think they are down there.

Anyway, good for MLB to stand up for democracy. Now make sure you don't move it to another state working on the same stupid laws, like Wisconsin, where rumor has it they are considering. There are plenty of states that already have free and open elections and would love to have the all star game.

I will admit that being a teacher is probably one of the most underappreciated jobs, pre pandemic, that you could choose. Many parents found out this past year just how hard it is to teach the little darlings, while holding their attention, and getting them to actually focus on what they should be doing. I would never in a million years have picked this as a career.

Having said that, and frankly having a healthy appreciation for what teachers have to put up with, they still manage to find a way to make themselves unsympathetic occasionally. Many families are struggling right now as one, or both, parent has either been off work for many months, or has lost their job, due to the Covid pandemic shutting down many businesses.

So it was only natural that the California Teachers Union is now demanding that they get free child day care since they are now being asked to return to the classroom and, you know, actually do what we are paying them to do. What parent on earth wouldn't love to get free child day care themselves?

As usual, there is always some group completely tone deaf out there as to what is going on around them. No wonder our kids keep falling further and further behind the rest of the world. The teachers are not that smart.

This next subject is something that has irked me for many years and I just can't let it go. I know. How unlike me to hold onto something until it makes my head explode and then I go off on it. Today's melt down is about The Golf Channel and NBC's coverage of women's golf.

I should say the lack of coverage.

I don't understand how the LPGA allows their coverage to be an afterthought. More times than not they are shown late at night on tape delay, or they are given one live hour a day of coverage. Meanwhile the PGA minor league tour and the senior tour get full coverage in the meat of the day every week.

For example. This past weekend, the LPGA held golf's first major, for any tour, the ANA Inspiration at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage. It was exciting. It was record setting. It was emotional. And you could see it after dinner each night in 2/3 of the country, when nobody is watching golf.

And to add insult to injury, Augusta National, home of this weeks Masters, held their third women's amateur, stealing ladies from the ANA, and The Golf Channel devoted 90 minutes on Wednesday night to preview it, while spending only fifteen minutes in another segment to discuss the first major for women of the year.

Just when you think they have slapped the LPGA around enough, NBC televises the Augusta event wall to wall, while the major is on Golf Channel for a few hours each day, after they run late on the PGA's Valero Open and eat into the ANA coverage each day.

I get that more people are interested in the PGA tour, actually that is a lie, I don't get at all why that is but I accept it anyway, so they deserve more coverage. This week Golf Channel will have all day coverage, each day, previewing the Masters. You think they could find a few extra hours to do the same when the LPGA has a major week.

Especially when they have an exclusive contract to broadcast all women's golf. (UGHHH!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this hodgepodge of stuff and thanks for letting me get it off my desk and into the web.

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