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Changing Clocks

Raise your hand if you are sick of changing clocks twice a year. Yeah, me too. I have never understood this ridiculous ceremony we do twice a year in the USA, unless you live in Arizona and Hawai'i.

Hawai'i decided that they are so close to the equator that they already have plenty of daylight so there is no need to move to daylight savings time, Arizona doesn't change because they don't do anything they are supposed to do and they carry that as a badge of pride. I think they don't because the folks that live there would be too confused if the time changed.

The whole purpose, we are told, to move to daylight savings time is so that there is more daylight and therefore we will need less energy to operate our daily lives. We are also told it is because they want to make sure the little ones have daylight in the morning when they are on their way to school. Of course we are also told that it is healthier for us to have more daylight than darkness.

Here's my take on all this. Poppycock.

The kids need morning light to go to school is nonsense because it is plenty bright no matter the time of year with either time setting. By eight o'clock in the morning the sun is up pretty much everywhere so that is not true.

It may or may not be healthier to have more sun in our day but honestly it doesn't matter because we spend twenty three and a half hours inside each day no matter the season so this is garbage also. Nobody spends more time outdoors then they have to no matter when it is or how good or bad they feel.

Finally, the most ridiculous part is that it saves us energy. Just think about this for a second. We change the clocks to daylight saving time when we are headed into the hottest portion of the year, summer. There is nothing that uses more energy then our air conditioners so why would we want them to be running any more then needed? More daylight equals more heat which means more energy being used. This may be the stupidest reason given for this change.

I would be on board if there was a legitimate reason to do this but I have yet to hear one solid one. Then throw in the running around the house changing the fifteen clocks and watches you have and it just seems like a pointless waste of time. I say keep our time at standard time all year and let's find something else to screw up.

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