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Cleaning My Desk

I wanted to write about the topic on nearly everyone's mind today, one day before the most important election in our lifetime. Why does the Bears offense suck and who's to blame?

Clearly whatever Matt Nagy is doing is not working. He's tried four different quarterbacks, three running backs, multiple tight ends, and a slew of wide receivers, and the offense still looks like Forest View High School in 1971. Slow, predictable, and ineffective.

I'm not a football player, but I played one in high school for one season, and it seems to me being able to run block, and pass block, is pretty important. This offensive line is so bad it makes me long for Revie Sorey and Dan Jiggetts. Yeah, that bad.

The best thing this offensive line has going for it, is that it has made people stop talking about how terrible Nagy's play calling really is. It is either so predictable that everyone watching knows what is coming next, or, it is so insane that you wonder what the hell is he thinking?

Fans either want the highly drafted quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, to make a return appearance, or, they vow to burn their Mike Ditka sweater if Nagy brings him back. The correct answer is both quarterbacks are mediocre at best, and you should absolutely burn that Ditka sweater.

So to recap. Two mediocre quarterbacks. An offensive line that cannot block. Receivers who can't catch or run correct routes. A coach who has no clue on what offense to run with this team. I know I feel good about making the playoffs.

A quick word about the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series.

I mentioned in a previous column that I was a closet Dodgers fan, and have been for many years, so it was fun for me to see them win after multiple failed tries in recent years. That excitement came crashing down about 45 seconds into the celebration when Justin Turner was spotted on the field with the team, after he had been pulled due to testing positive for Covid-19 in the eighth inning.

Word is he refused to listen to MLB, who told him he needed to stay in isolation, and left to spread joy, and a deadly virus, to everyone who was on the field by then. His team, press, families, small children, old people, and many others. This act of selfishness showed me what I already suspected about him, he is a king sized jag bag. I hope MLB suspends him for the first 60 days of next season.

It is November and that means that a "tradition like no other", is just around the corner. That's right, the Masters Golf Tournament is scheduled to be played November 12-15 this year after being delayed due to the Covid crisis. Traditionally, this tournament is the start of golf season for pros and amateurs alike as they are ready to shrug off the long, cold, winter.

2020 being 2020 means everything is upside down and now this classic April golf event will effectively kick-off the start of winter. The course will look different with green being replaced by leaves turning colors. Days being shorter, means players will need to play faster, not a good recipe for this course.

I can't help but think that this will be the most interesting Masters in quite a while and am really anxious for it to begin. Does Justin Thomas get his first green jacket?

Finally, regarding events planned for tomorrow.

One of the hallmarks of our democracy is our desire to hold fair and free elections. It is what separates us from nearly every other country on the planet. Do not let the rantings of crazy people who are already upset with the results, when the votes haven't even been counted yet, let you be deterred from voting. It is the most important thing we do as Americans and if you vote, I promise you it will be counted, and we will have a peaceful transition if we select a new president.

Like we always do, we will all accept the will of the American people without bloodshed, violence, or nonsense. Please be safe and respect each other.

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