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Cleaning My Mind. Sort Of.

I decided that one way for me to unclutter my mind was to just write about a few of the things I was thinking about. This will help in my culling of stories running around in my head that led to a semi meltdown the other day.

Remember this clown? I refuse to mention his name because he doesn't deserve any more publicity than he has already been getting but is seems as if he is now having second thoughts about pleading guilty to his felony charges stemming from his breaking into the Capitol on January 6th 2021. And he's not alone. Many others that pleaded guilty are now having second thoughts about it and are making all kinds of noise on conservative media and crazy right wind websites.

Here's my idea. If they all want to waive their right to be tried again for the same crime and stand trial instead of taking their plea agreement, I say lets go do it. Then, when they get beaten like a drum in a real trial the sentence is a mandatory death penalty which is carried out immediately, no appeals. That should slow down the mind changes.

Speaking of stupid. Here is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointing out to the assembled crowd how much his chances are of gaining the GOP nod for President. Which, interestingly, is the same size as his brain. I can't remember a bigger mess of a campaign kick-off than his. He has, four months into this, just blown up his campaign staff and announced he is doing a re-start. He still has no chance.

And if you think I'm the only one who feels this way, think again. Donors are frantically not taking his calls. Funds are drying up faster then melted ice in the desert, and his attempt to reach out to the conservative core by announcing, after 45 called the Governor of Iowa worthless, that he would definitely offer her the VP slot, was met by her stating, and I quote, "I'm busy right now." I'll take that as a no.

Good news if you are a Republican, stupid doesn't end with those running for President. This beauty above is Rona McDaniel the head of the Republican Party. Really? I hear you saying. Yes, even after the beating they took in the midterms she was overwhelmingly re-elected. Apparently the party and their followers are happy with losing again.

In an interview on CNN she strongly told them that she has no problem with the Republican Party having a convicted felon as their party's Presidential candidate in 2024. She doesn't see that it is that big of a deal. The party of law and order indeed.

It seems as if our friends in another state that is a complete mess, Texas, are having some problems trying to figure out if it is legal for people to sunbathe in the nude in their backyards or not. It appears that a sizeable chunk of the population there is being harassed into keeping their clothes on in the privacy of their own backyards.

Interestingly, there is no law on the books in the state that says you can't walk around topless in public but some areas are treating it as a different crime and forcing people to cover up. So, the state that screams louder than any other about leaving them alone and letting them be free draws the line at breasts. Why am I not surprised that they are against another thing women want.

Finally some good news to cheer us up. The Ukrainian Air Force is telling reporters that the fine women of their country are flashing them as they fly over to show their support for their efforts against Russia and to help raise morale. Trust me, I've seen Ukrainian women and morale is not the only thing being raised by this beautiful show of support. God bless these fine woman for their selfless sacrifice for the country.

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