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Cleaning The Desk

Once again I appreciate you letting me clean my desk with thoughts on various topics that aren't enough for me to write a whole column. Sure it's lazy on my part but that's what I do best.

Remember when gas was only $5.15 a gallon? Good times.

Seriously though, I don't understand why so many people are up in arms at the price for gasoline. We've been complaining about the prices since we first hit $1.00 a gallon about 44 years ago and yet we still go and fill up our car every week or so no matter the price.

$6.00 per gallon will not stop us either, for that matter $10.00 per gallon won't stop us. Until we prove to the oil companies that we are not going to keep buying cars powered by gasoline they will continue to keep prices artificially high because they can and we let them.

If you want to see lower prices at the pump, stop buying cars that run on gas and stop driving the ones you already have. The one thing that lowers prices is not buying gas. Unless you are prepared to do one of the two things above you can't complain.

Since this weekend we return to Daylight Savings Time I thought the time was right for me to say this to you. Enough with changing the time twice a year. Pick a time and keep it there forever. All the time changing does is make everyone not living in the two states that don't change time crazy.

I would even say that we should eliminate daylight savings time since I live in the desert and the extended sunlight just makes it hotter than hell in the summer. I would love to see the days shorter in the summer so we don't hit 120 degrees for five weeks.

Either way, pick a time and leave it the hell alone. All I can think about is how I need to change a dozen clocks Saturday night or Sunday morning. It even drives the dogs nuts because they still think it is dinner time an hour early and they are relentless in bugging us until we feed them.

Oh, and for those that say we need to do this so the kids have sunlight when they go to school, guess what? They don't give a shit. They don't want to go to school in the dark or the light. And why are we giving them a vote on this anyway?

Stop changing the time please.

I am getting sick and tired of the far right bashing everyone to their left, especially the liberal Democrats. For years they have complained about how the left is constantly berating their beliefs and for the past ten years that is all you hear from the right, how the left is evil.

From what I can tell, and it's hard to keep track of what is bothering them daily, the right is against, immigrants, abortion, gays, "woke" (whatever the hell that is), and science unless it is the science that says unborn babies are human beings at conception, but not science that says the climate is dying or that wearing a mask and getting a vaccine will save your life in a pandemic.

Also, black lives matter and Antifa, (which is not a real thing) are evil, but the people who beat police, and tried to stage a coup on January 6th, was a gathering of minor consequence by nice people.

I don't think everyone should have to believe what I believe and I certainly don't think I should have to believe what the far right believes. In spite of what they think, they don't have all the answers. They are just as stupid as the far left progressives. In fact, the far anything should just shut up and let the middle lead for a while.

How many idiots does it take to ruin a perfectly perfect sport? The correct answer is two. The owners and the players.

Now that these two sides have finally come to their senses and settled the most stupid work stoppage yet for baseball, we can get back to what is really important and that is playing baseball.

I would like to see Rob Manfred and Tony Clark go sit in a corner for three months and think about how they almost destroyed the game over money. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this was all about money and who gets how much.

Those poor players only making $550, 500 a year. How can they live on that? And the owners, my god those poor men only saw their business profits go up nearly a billion dollars the past five years. I think we can all relate to these numbers.

Now we are going to have to put up with the DH in both leagues, a pitch clock, bigger bases, and no shifting. So, we are going to pay these overpaid players even more money because they can't figure out to hit it where the shift isn't, stay in the base path to first base, stop adjusting their batting glove and doing breathing exercises on the mound for two minutes, and learning how to catch the ball.

What a waste of 99 days.

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