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Covid Comes A Caroling

Since the first reports of this deadly virus hit the news, back in March, Linda and I have been insanely cautious about who we are around and where we go. Knowing that we had her 93 year old mother living with us, and my 90 year old mother 15 minutes away, who we see regularly, we did not want to bring this into either house for obvious reasons.

We wear masks, we wash our hands 164 times a day, we social distance, and we generally avoid situations where we might get infected. We are less careful around people we know are not infected, or at least are showing no signs of infection. Honestly our social circle could not be any smaller. Outside of the four of us, we occasionally see one couple who we know were tested and were safe, and my cousin who I see once a month for golf.

When either of us goes to the store, once a week, we are masked up, and we wash our hands the minute we are back home. Safety is our only name. If you are a regular reader you know I have written several times about this virus and have championed doing the right things to keep everyone safe. I am a believer in its deadliness.

HIPPA laws forbid me from naming names, but recently Linda's mom Doris had a bout of dizziness and was taken to the hospital for a couple of days of observation. She is going to need some minor surgery, once space frees up down here. ( Read the related story about how we are ground zero for the virus right now.

We were concerned when she got home and complained about a fever, but it went away by the next day, and we figured it was nothing to worry about. As a precaution we had her tested for Covid on Monday and much to everyone's surprise it came back positive. Ah, 2020 just keeps on giving.

None of the three of us has any symptoms, which is a good thing, but we have locked ourselves inside and are keeping ourselves away from each other. It is especially tough because Doris is still having occasional fainting spells and needs help. I made a decision to sacrifice Linda if she needs help. I am of course kidding. We are making Doris fend for herself.

Linda and I will be tested Monday, so we know for sure what our situation is, but the trail of people that need to be contacted is staggering. I of course let my mother know and we are monitoring her. She will need to let the handful of people she has seen since we were over know, and they will need to let their circle know, and so on.

Same with my cousin, who was planning a family Christmas, and now who knows what they will need to do. Linda talks everyday over the fence to our neighbor and we told her this morning. Both of these people have several groups they see and all will need to be contacted.

Linda and her mom met yesterday with her cardiologist to discuss the surgery for her valve and I called them early this morning with the news. They appreciated my calling but not Doris infecting their office yesterday.

I guess my point with this is that, even taking all the precautions in the world, this virus still managed to find it's way into our lives. It is evil. It is deadly. It is relentless. We can't get vaccines into arms fast enough. Oh, and in more good news, it has now mutated into three different versions, more deadly and more easily passed around so we have that to look forward to.

Ten months of being careful down the drain. I might as well just went out bar hopping and enjoyed myself.

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