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Cruel And Disturbing

It is undeniable that we have to fix the mess at our Southern border. The cruelty with which we are treating those that are coming here to escape cruelty in their home countries is beyond disgusting. What is happening today was unthinkable a generation ago.

We are a country of immigrants. Most of us can say our grandparents, or great grandparents, came here from somewhere else. In fact, unless you are a Native American, all of our families came from somewhere else. Our ancestors saved up enough money to get on a boat, in miserable conditions, for a long slow journey to a land that held great promise of freedom from oppression, great opportunity, and hope for a better life.

They didn't have any paperwork to get in, they just came anyway. Guess what? They got in and made a wonderful life for themselves and their family. That isn't the case today. To be clear there are two different immigrants crossing the Southern border today.

The illegal ones are mostly getting in and melding into society. Sure we are able to grab a few here and there but by and large if they want to come in illegally they are succeeding. The sick, sad, part is that the ones we are the most cruel to are the ones trying to come in legally.

These two sick ass wipes are the ones that devised the system to be as cruel as possible. In fact, it was their goal to be cruel. Former President, Donald Trump and his crazy aide Stephen Miller, are the architects of this plan. They believe that if they were demented enough it would deter people from coming here. And by people I mean specifically anyone that wasn't white from Europe.

Their first order of business was to take babies and children from their parents, keep them in cages with no record of what they did with them. Their hope was that word would get back to the homeland and people would stop coming here. Well, that didn't work, people still came hoping for a better life.

Then they dusted off a long forgotten policy called Title 42. This is an obscure public health rule that gives federal health officials the authority, during a pandemic, to turn away asylum-seekers in order to limit, "the introduction of communicable diseases." This legal authority is named for a 1944 public health law designed to prevent communicable diseases.

Basically they turned everyone away, after they took their kids first. In June of 2018 the ACLU went to court and got an injunction to stop this practice. The Trump administration ignored the order. They ignored it for years, and admitted they were ignoring it no matter how many times groups went to court and won injunctions.

In June of 2019, in another show of cruelty, the administration took 37 kids in Texas holding cells, transported them by van to be released, and then made them sit in the van, outside in the hot sun for thirty-seven hours before releasing them. Thirty-seven hours. For what reason? To make a point.

In July of 2019 the ACLU went back to court and gets another order to stop the cruel practices being used at the border. In August, one month later, they find it is still going on. Kids are being locked up in cages with no clean clothes, access to showers, or toothbrushes for over a year. Just imagine the terror and sadness.

In December of 2019 another Judge rules that the Trump administration must immediately stop this and start to reunite the kids with their parents. The immigration lawyers then tell the judge they can't do that because they never kept any records of who the kids belong to or where they sent them. Oh, and they never bothered to get the name and contact information for their parents before sending them away. For the love of god what in the world were they thinking? How sick are you to come up with a plan like this?

If you think it finally gets better under Joe Biden guess again. Yes he did sign an executive order in February 2021 to form a task group to reunite families and they are having some success, albeit slowly. However he has continued to use the Trump Title 42 policy, sending families back home with no hope of being granted entry to the US.

There are four border states with Mexico. Two are run be Democratic Governors and two by Republican Governors. Not surprisingly the only two states that seem to be having all the problems are the two run by the GOP. Why? Because they want it to be a problem.

The border, and immigration, are central to their governing. They want to show how strong they are against letting anyone of color come into the USA. This makes their base feel happy and they can proudly stick out their fat bellies with pride at keeping "those damn people" out of the country.

The way they operate in Arizona is to lock up anyone trying to come in legally. Take their sweet time processing them. Then loading them into buses and dropping them off in the middle of nowhere Arizona with no way to get help. Welcome to America!

Texas is even worse. Families are still separated, they can take months to a year to be processed even though the Biden administration has given them the authority to approve their entry, and then more than likely they are sent packing using Title 42.

For the three stooges shown above, this isn't cruel enough for them. Recently they have embarked on a new and even more cruel and illegal system. They are now bribing, lying to, or just plain kidnapping, immigrants from holding cells and loading them onto buses and planes and dropping them off in the middle of the night in various Northern, Democratic cities.

Doug Ducey thinks this helps him with his base. Greg Abbott thinks he is brilliant in doing this. Ron DeSantis, the sickest puke of them all, thinks this will get him elected President, and he also thinks it is funny as hell. These three disgusting pieces of crap will hopefully be getting a visit from the DOJ and, fingers crossed, indicted on various federal charges for transporting and human trafficking.

This is not who we are as a country.

We have always held our arms wide open and welcomed people from all over the world to join us in this great experiment we call democracy. If we could have a system back in the day to process people, respectfully, through Ellis Island in New York and Angel Island in California then certainly we can do better than we are doing right now on our Southern border.

We need to speak up and let these evil people know we are watching and we will remember this. We need the federal government to step in and bring charges against these Governors, the Border Patrol, and ICE for being complicit in this bullshit.

If it doesn't make you sick to your stomach then there is something really wrong with you.

We are being cruel to those that are trying to come here legally. This is not an illegal problem, it is a deliberate policy issue with a despicable Republican base and their leaders. It is two states doing this only. Why?

Shame on us for still letting them get away with this.

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