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Despicable Humans

I am struggling with despair I feel towards animals that are just dumped somewhere by their human owners. I cannot understand how anyone could be so completely soulless and have such complete disregard for life that they think it is the thing to do to just dump their pet to fend for itself.

What kind of disgusting excuse for a human being are you to treat your pet this way? It would be one thing if you dropped it off at a shelter, or someplace where it could get help, but to just abandon it on the street, or in the woods, or tie it up so that it can't defend itself from other predators is just beyond anything I can comprehend.

It's not just dogs that people are throwing away, it's cats, farm animals, birds, and any other animal you can imagine as a pet or something you are responsible for. The utter disregard for compassion for another living thing makes me want to throw up.

How twisted are you? What other awful things are you doing in your life that need to be investigated by police? How do you look at yourself in the mirror after doing something like this to an animal?

I'm sorry but there is nothing redeemable in the life of someone who would so callously do this like throwing away a torn sock. Our pets, or other animals we are responsible for, expect only the minimum from us. Food, water, shelter, even an occasional pet on the head is welcome. Yet some people find that too much to ask of them and so they feel the proper response to these demands is to just dump their animal to fend for itself.

Tying your pet up with rope or chains to a pole, or a tree, or a fence, and leaving it alone is so evil it is beyond my ability to comprehend the action. What defect do you have in your DNA or brain that you thought this was something OK to do? And I don't want to hear from those of you that are going to compare doing this to eating a hamburger or fried chicken. This is not even close to being the same thing.

These poor creatures were raised to be pets, friends, companions to we humans. They give us unconditional love and only expect to be treated well in return. If you can't treat these poor creatures with the respect and love they deserve then for god's sake don't take them as pets in the first place. Why would you knowingly accept them into your house when you know you don't want them or like them or care one bit about them? I don't understand your thinking.

If you do this to an animal you deserve to be abused for the rest of your life, put in jail, and made to suffer excruciating painful torture until you finally die from it. I can't even express the deep contempt I have for you as a human being and if I were to ever see you doing this I would beat you to death myself. And if you live with someone and you see them doing this and you don't do anything to stop it then you are just as disgusting as they are and deserve the same fate.

I cannot stand to see one more video or picture of a dog or cat being abandoned or abused at the hands of some disgraceful, despicable, thing. Yes thing because you don't even deserve to be called human if you are doing this. I'm sorry I let you ruin my day by allowing your heartlessness to get me so angry.

I will leave you with this to ponder. If you are abusing an animal you are not worth breathing the same air as me. And if I saw you on fire I wouldn't piss on you to put it out. Do the world a favor and kill yourself before you hurt something or someone else.

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