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There is nothing I hate more than waking up on a Saturday sick to my stomach and disgusted with what is happening in a once great party. Full disclosure for most of my life I was a registered Republican. while I didn't always vote for them, I leaned towards their idea of government. Then they went off the rails when they allowed themselves to be kidnapped and brainwashed by on clown who has singlehandedly turned this country into a future civil war state.

Here are just a few things the new look GOP has rallied around.

  • The GOP is bringing in 1/6 insurrectionists to testify about how there was no riot that day as we watched them riot live on tv. They claim it was an FBI deep plot to make Trump look bad.

  • Speaking of the former idiot in chief, he released a song of him saying the pledge while 1/6 rioters, in jail currently, are singing the national anthem in the background. Like these people are great Americans.

  • The GOP has taken the position that the 1/6 insurrection was nothing but a minor protest that has been blown out of proportion by the liberal media. Forget what you saw live on tv, that was fake.

  • The GOP has given Tucker Carlson and Fox News 40,000 hours of security tape from 1/6 so that he can produce a show to prove his point that 1/6 was a nothing burger. Fox and Carlson have already admitted in another lawsuit that they routinely lie to their audience to keep their ratings up.

  • The Florida GOP is trying to pass a law that would eliminate the Florida Democratic party Seriously they really are.

  • A Republican appointed judge in Texas is deciding if an abortion pill can be sold anywhere in the US. Why does this guy get to decide?

  • In Wyoming the GOP just passed a new law making it ridiculously hard to vote in a primary if you want to change your party affiliation. You used to be able to do it up to two weeks before the election, now you have to change your party a minimum of three months before.

  • GOP spokesperson Marjorie Taylor-Greene wants red states to divorce themselves from blue states because they have cooties. If you move from a blue state into a red state she wants you to be ineligible to vote for five years.

  • 20 GOP Attorney's General sent a letter to Walgreens telling them that if they continued to sell an abortion pill they would sue them, even though selling this pill is legal in their states. Walgreens removed it from their supply.

  • Florida has become a defacto dictatorship under Governor Snowflake who doesn't want anyone to be educated on real things and if you ask him any questions he doesn't like he gets all pissy and runs home crying.

  • The right wing GOP is now violently pro Russia and anti Ukraine. A massive change from the past 50 years.

  • The other spokesperson for the GOP, Matt Gaetz, brought in a "war hero" to lead the pledge in a hearing room, turns out the "hero" is wanted for murder and was promptly arrested after the show.

  • Finally, GOP firebrand and felon avoider, Jim Jordan, bragged about the dozens of whistleblowers he had ready to appear before his committee to show how the government is purposely going after Republicans and conservatives. It turns out he had three and he wouldn't let them testify because it turns out they are not whistleblowers, they are fired employees with a grudge. They are being paid by Trump lacky's to testify and promote the big lie. And they have no proof just opinions.

This is what your GOP is all about today, lies, misrepresentations, and bullshit. These pieces of shit should not be anywhere near running any government and yet about 40% of the Republican party loves them. I can only surmise that if you think this is how a political party should behave, and how they should be destroying our country, then you are either stupid or a communist. Either way I would suggest you take them and yourself and find someplace else to live. You are no longer welcome in America.

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