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Another in a series of random thoughts that weren't going to make up a complete column but needed to be discussed. As always proceed with extreme caution since I have no idea where this is headed.

As my late father used to tell me, repeatedly, "The Democrats could screw up a one car parade." Sadly, they are proving him right once again. They finally gain control of the House and Senate, while they have a Democrat in the White House, and they have spent the past five months trying to get the Republicans to work with them on passing various bills.

Can you just imagine the Republicans doing this if they had control? OF COURSE NOT! What the hell is wrong with the leadership in Washington? Stop trying to play nice and start playing like our country depends on you clowns actually getting something done before you lose control in 2022.

For god's sakes the Republicans will never, ever, work with you on anything. They have stated over and over again that their sole mission is to make sure nothing gets done. What do you need them to do before you get the point?

Pass a voting rights bill that restores all Americans right to vote safely. Get an infrastructure bill passed so we can fix our crumbling roads and bridges and create new jobs. And fix the missing stuff in the affordable care act so people can get health insurance affordably.

Honestly, Democrats are a complete mess sometimes.

Right now there is a surge of the Delta variant spreading like wildfire through Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas. Interestingly, these are among the many Republican led states that poo-pooed the whole Covid crisis these past eighteen months. They were the first to eliminate wearing a mask. They went out of their way to make sure people have a hard time getting a vaccine because they have a wrong belief that it is a communist plot or something stupid.

Suddenly people are dropping like flies, and their hospitals are getting full, and now they want the federal government to step in and help them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kiss my ass is what the Feds should be telling them. They put our whole country in jeopardy with their stupidity and selfishness and in my opinion, let them all die. Put up a fence around them so they can't get out and let the herd thin out.

But that's just me probably.

We are seeing some record setting things this year in Major League Baseball. One of the most impressive things is the number of no hitters that have been pitched so far, and we are only about halfway through the season. A record tying, seven no hitters have already been thrown. There have also been two no hitters thrown in a regulation seven inning game that for some reason baseball won't count.

Here is what I don't understand about this. The league mandated that to save players they would make all double headers seven inning games. I think that is stupid, but it is what it is. Every statistic that comes out of these games counts and will go into the record books, except throwing a no hitter. Why only this?

I have heard many different reasons given by baseball and none of them make sense. One even suggested that since the game did not go at least nine innings it would not count as a no hitter. That makes no sense because when in the past, a pitcher has tossed ten no hit innings, that hasn't counted as a no hitter either.

So what baseball is saying is that for it to be a no hitter it must be only nine innings, period. They will count a no hitter, thrown by five different pitchers during the game, as a legitimate no hitter, but not one thrown for seven innings in a regulation game where everything else does count.

The All-Star break would be a perfect time for baseball to go back and fix this idiocy once and for all.

Finally, I have to say that I was shocked at the lack of interest in my previous column on Motown. I know that many of my readers are fans, or were, so to see so few check it out surprised me. It's one of the things that I love about writing this blog, seeing what gets you to read it.

As always, thanks for letting me clean out my files.

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