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From The Bottom Of Our Hearts

When last I wrote here it was to tell you that we had enlisted the help of Hospice for Doris. Sadly, Doris passed peacefully in her sleep on January 31st, only one week after we called Hospice. She was ninety-six years old and truth be told she has been ready for the past couple of years. That doesn't make it any easier on those left behind but it wasn't an unexpected event either.

Linda, her brother Gary, and two of his children Jennifer and Melissa, were able to be here to say good-bye to her. Gary's son James wasn't able to arrive until the next day but he was able to offer help and support to Linda and me and the others which was greatly appreciated.

The emails, texts, and cards we've received from many of you out there was thoughtful and heartfelt. It is comforting to know that we have friends and family that care enough to reach out and offer not only condolences but support and love when it is needed most.

For those of us of a certain age we are in the middle of many of these events in our lives. Time keeps ticking away and too many of us, and our families, are on the final road of our time left here. Death remains undefeated but being there for each other makes the journey easier.

Once again, we appreciate the kind words from you all.

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