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From Writer To Media Star

Back in high school in the late 1960's, two friends, Bud Myers and Bill Bevins, met and discovered they had a shared love of music and radio. Their friendship has lasted over 50 years and they still share that love of music and radio.

Bill went on to be one of the top voices in Richmond, VA for over 50 years on both radio and television and he has been inducted into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame. While he was one of the hosts for Virginia This Morning on television he convinced his friend, Bud, to come on and do a segment on Consumer Electronics, that lasted nearly 20 years.

Starting this Saturday October 1st at 7AM ET a new radio station will be launched. The Breeze ( ) will be one of the first of its kind, an all digital station that you can listen to anywhere. Unlike corporate stations where the music is programmed by a computer, at The Breeze the on air personalities will be able to select their own music, just like they used to do, and spend time talking about the song, album, or artist if they want to.

Bill (on the far right above) will be on the air Monday thru Saturday from 7AM - 11AM ET as host of The Morning Show. Bud Myers (2nd from the left above) will then take over and hosts The Listening Room from 11AM - 3PM ET. Another well known, and superstar radio personality in Virginia, Adam Stubbs (pictured on the far left above) will settle in from 3PM - 7PM ET hosting his Adam in the Afternoon show. Broadcast veteran Ilyse Jennings (2nd from the right above) takes over from 7PM - 11PM ET as host of RVA After Dark. Over night, from 11PM - 1AM ET will be Rhonda (not pictured) with her Evening Soul show. The Breeze will also offer local Richmond centric stories from Don Talley Mondays at 3PM ET.

Here is my big news. They have, for some reason, asked me to contribute a story each week based on my blog. It looks like the original story will air on Wednesday's at 3PM ET and then rerun at various times throughout the rest of the week. (I do believe I'm getting the vapors)

Originally they said I could talk about anything I wanted but then they quickly realized that might not be the best idea so they revised that to anything that doesn't get them, or me, tossed off the air. I am honored, humbled, and shopping for more mirrors and sunglasses with my growing media takeover.

For those that don't know me, I was a DJ in college and did play by play in the real world radio business right after Marconi developed his first model. I loved the busines and have always dreamed of getting back in it some day and suddenly this opportunity comes along. Retirement has never been so busy and rewarding first my book gets published and now radio returns to my life.

If you hit the link ( ) you will be able to download an app for any of your devices you choose, or you can listen from your desktop also. They have had a soft launch of music for about two weeks now and I can tell you that I listen to it all day and it is very cool.

One of my favorite features of this station is that they are not just top 40, or soul, or soft rock, but they will play all types of music from the 1960's thru today so you get a little Beatles with some Isley Brothers then some Shania Twain followed by John Coltrane. It is never boring and never the same type of music all day. I think you'll like it and would ask that you give it a try.

Just when you think you can't get enough of me, you don't have to settle for just my blog, you can now listen to me on the radio also. How lucky you all are. Thanks for listening in advance and remember to turn on The Breeze.

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