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Hell Yes I'm Angry

With the holiday's just around the corner, and family coming into town, I thought this would be a great time to clean out the to do box on my desk and get myself into a lather before everyone arrives.

I've seen enough bad football in my lifetime to recognize a bad team, and this current version of the Monsters is just plain a mess. There needs to be a complete scrubbing at Halas Hall, from the very top to the very bottom. Letting the same idiots keep making the same bad decisions is not going to improve this franchise.

It's never easy to fire family but Virginia McCaskey needs to start with herself. Sell the team to someone that will actually put real football people in charge and get this franchise back on track. Let them fire her son George, President Ted Philips, GM Ryan Pace, and Head Coach Matt Nagy. One of them will find another job, the other three need to be shut out of football forever.

There is nothing positive to say about this shitshow in Lake Forest except, Jeff Bezos if you are reading this, call Virginia and make her a good offer, move the team to Arlington Heights, and bring in successful football people to run them.

For those of you who still think this whole Covid thingy is going away, here is another update for you dopes. We have now lost over 800,000 Americans to this pandemic. It is not fake news, it is real and deadly.

Two weeks ago the Omicron variant represented 0.4% of all infections in the USA. Last week it jumped to 3% of all cases, and this week it moved up slightly to 73% of all cases. No, that is not a misprint. 73% of all infections right now are this new variant. To say it is hugely contagious is an understatement.

Hospitals are being overwhelmed, once again, with people who have refused to take this seriously. A doctor in Indiana says that he has sixteen patients in ICU with Covid, fifteen of them have not been vaccinated and one of them had only one shot. GET YOURSELF VACCINATED FOR GOD'S SAKES. How stupid are you people?

While Indiana is being swarmed with Covid cases, the Republican state legislature is passing a bill that makes it illegal for companies to impose vaccine mandates or testing. Why would you want companies to protect their investment, and people, by making them get a vaccine to work there?

Speaking of idiots, the NFL has finally figured out a way to reduce the number of players and staff infected. They have decided on the Trump plan of eliminating testing for most people on teams. If you don't test them the numbers won't keep going up, right? It will just be easier to count the dead bodies on the field.

While we are on the subject of stupid, my friends in the Trumplican Party continue to amaze me with their stick-to-itiveness. Trumplicans running everywhere refuse to admit that Biden won the election, still thirteen months after the election is over.

Up in Minnesota, five clowns running for Governor in the Republican primary, were all asked, at a debate, if Biden won the election. All five would not say it, instead they gave the typical lame claptrap about phony ballots, yada, yada, yada.

Same thing in the Nevada Governor primary race, the Ohio Senate primary, and the Alabama Senate primary, to just name a few. It is happening all over the country so I don't mean to just pick on these knuckleheads.

This continues to be a real danger to America and we all need to make them stop before something really bad happens to us all.

Speaking of lying sacks of shit, our old friends Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have completely derailed the Presidents Build Back Better legislation. Guess what? They're actually Democrats.

Sinema has refused to say all along why she is against this package, so we don't really know what her problem is, although the millions of dollars she is getting from lobbyists for the drug and insurance companies might have something to do with her position.

Manchin is another issue. He is suddenly the BMOC and he is using his new found position to hold hostage multiple pieces of legislation. After agreeing to the BBB framework, Sunday, he went on Fox News to announce he would not vote for it, thus killing it for now.

Why would he do that after agreeing to vote for it? Two reasons. One, he felt that people at the White House were saying that he was the roadblock to passing this and it hurt his feelings. The fact is, that he is the roadblock so I'm not sure why that bothered him. Second, and this is just as important, he is a complete asshole who cannot be trusted ever again.

If you were involved with anything to do with the planning, and execution, of the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, you best get yourself a really good criminal lawyer because the committee to investigate this is coming after you.

They have already issued some criminal referrals to the DOJ and there will be more coming. Also, if you are named Donald J. Trump, you may want to go into hiding because they have set their sights on you, and your team, and it does not look good for you all.

Expect some huge news from this committee, after the first of the year and into Spring, including indictments against members of the House and Senate who were actively involved in this insurrection.

Let's end this on a happier note.

To all of you that take a few minutes of your day to read this blog I want to say, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and a blessed Kwanzaa to each of you. Take some time to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, and friends, but put the guns away for a few days with them around, we don't want any accidents.

I'll be back after the first of the year, God willing.

Happy New Year too.

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