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Some of you may know me, I'm Dan's wife Linda. I have never done anything like this before so please excuse any mistakes. Usually I pay no attention to what Dan does with this blog but today I felt that I needed to let you know what is going on with him

As you may have heard, he wrote a book and recently had it published. I know. Nobody is more stunned than I am. As if he isn't hard enough to live with now all he does is walk around day and night wearing those stupid sunglasses thinking he is some kind of celebrity. Honestly, he goes into the grocery store every week and they still don't know who he is and now he thinks he's some bigshot.

Anyway, Mr. Bigshot is laying in the fetal position under the bed completely distraught because almost nobody has commented on his book to him. He is sure that you all hated it and he says he isn't ever going to write anything ever again. Like that changes my life.

He apparently thinks that the whole world revolves around him and that once you received his book that you were going to drop everything and read it. For those of you that know him you know that he is full of positivity and almost never complains about anything, unless it is about politics, sports, people, or technology.

In his tiny pea brain he thinks that because you didn't immediately send him warm wishes and happy hugs on the book that he is a failure. I told him that has nothing to do with his being a failure, that there are plenty of other reasons, but he just won't listen.

Many of you warned me to run away forty plus years ago but I thought it would work out for me. He wore clean clothes, he smelled good, and he had a big job, assistant buyer for women's shoes at Spiegel. Talk about a go getter. Anyway what's done is done, no sense crying about bad decisions now.

The point here is to let you know that it may be a few days before Mr. I wrote a book will be back writing his blog. Right now I just want him to take his medication and come out from under the bed so I can get the dogs to eat. They think he is playing hide and seek and they are under there with him.

If you get a few minutes and can spare some time to drop him a note please let him know you read the book and liked it, hated it, would prefer he doesn't do it again, or anything else, so that he can get back to his normal pain in my ass self.

Thank you for letting me do this and you will likely never hear from me again in this space.

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