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Hello Stupid

I have been criticized in the past for being too harsh in my rebuking of anyone who does not denounce Donald Trump. At first I felt bad that I had hurt someone's feelings with my diatribes but I have since recovered from that and I now am determined to insult you to the point of making that lightbulb go on in your head.

With each new poll Trumplicans are becoming more and more convinced that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald the Dumb. This in spite of the mounting proof, some even by their own party, that this is just completely false and it did not happen.

Unbelievably, when you ask one of these idiots where they get their information, more and more of them are responding that they get all their news from Trump himself. Trump. The person who has never told the truth in his life on any subject ever. This is their news source. The sad part of all this is that because of his continued lies on this topic these morons will never again believe an election is legitimate or legal.

Guess what? Their vote counts just as much as yours and mine. Let that roll around in your head for a few minutes. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, the poster child for stupid, has proposed that if you are a registered Democrat and you move to a red state you should have to have a cooling off period for a number of years before you can vote. Marjorie, living in Alabama is not going to make me suddenly vote for Trump.

It really does boggle my mind that anyone with an IQ of 3 or more still believes this crap but never underestimate the stupidity of Trumplicans. Is there a cutoff IQ number they have established? If your IQ is over 100 you can't be a Trumplican? 60? 45?

Speaking of stupid and voting, state and local Trumplicans are working overtime to make sure that we never have a free and fair election again in this country. Isn't this what they claimed happened to them last time? Their response is to make sure they put systems in place to insure whomever they want to elect gets elected, one way or another.

In Georgia a retired school teacher was a poll worker in the 2020 elections. Trump and his right wing media slaves named this poor woman as a vote stealer and a known voting fixer when of course she was not. Outraged Trumplicans called her up, and even went to her house, and threatened to hurt her and in some cases kill her. They wanted her to go public and admit she changed votes that cost Trump the election in Georgia.

Members of the Trumplican party even showed up and told her if she didn't admit her evil that she might not survive for three more days. She is still under police protection because of these dolts.

Georgia state Trumplicans have passed laws making it harder to vote if you are young or of color. They have forced out election officials and put in place their own morons who are doing all they can to make it impossible to vote in certain Democratic leaning county's. What are they doing? Well in one county, about the size of the Atlanta metro area, they have eliminated all but on polling place. There is virtually no public transportation in this county so anyone who cannot afford to have a car cannot get out to vote.

In Texas, an election commissioner who is working overtime to make it impossible to vote has sued the grand jury who was convened to prosecute her. Who sues a grand jury?

In most other GOP run states they are systematically taking control of the elections to insure that if they don't like the results they can just go in and change them to what they do like. You know, like Putin and other strongmen do in their countries.

Democracy is in real trouble right now and if the DC Democrats don't start getting their shit together and pass election laws our way of life in this country is over.

No matter how many times you say it out loud it still breaks your heart. 820,355 Americans have died from Covid since it started way back in February of 2020. It is hard to even imagine that number and yet Trumplicans, and their anti vaccine idiot friends, continue to fight at all costs, the wearing of masks, and the getting vaccinated, to protect themselves and the rest of us.

It is bad enough that they won't do it for the greater good of society so that all the things that they hate the government is doing, like mask and vaccine mandates, closing of schools, and businesses, can stop once we get this under control. Now they have decided that they are going to make sure they kill their children too by refusing to let them get vaccinated.

I'm not really sure what level of stupid this new fight has reached. You want to die, good riddance. You want to kill your kid in the process, hello child welfare agency? Every day there is another story of a Trumplican who refused to get vaccinated dying.

Today's winner is Kelly Ernby an Orange County, CA Trumplican assistant DA who not only refused to get vaccinated, but filed legal motions against anyone who tried to make her, or anyone else, get vaccinated. Shockingly she got infected and died. Who could have predicted that? If only there was something that could have prevented that from happening, like a vaccine for example. 46 years old and dead for no good reason except thinning the gene pool of more dumbbell's.

Finally, we are coming up on the one year anniversary of Trumplican led violent attempt to over throw our democracy. January 6th was the saddest day in our country's history. A sitting President ordered his minions to attack the Capitol and stop the counting of electors in order for him to remain in power. They failed but not for a lack of trying.

You would think that after one year people would have some shame for what they tried to do and their supporters would have come to their senses about how they almost destroyed this country. Well you couldn't be more wrong. The assholes who attacked our foundation as a country in the house of the people are being celebrated as great Americans by those that urged them on.

While the rest of America will hold somber services for those that died in defense of the Capitol, Trumplican led groups around the country are going to be holding celebratory activities to "honor" these criminals and their leader.

Nearly a third of us now say that violence in the name of getting your guy elected is acceptable behavior. A third! 75+% of Trumplicans say that the events on January 6th last year were not violent and that it was all a made up media story with the help of the FBI and the deep state that led the charge.

Really, these Trumplicans think that it was all just a non story and that Trump was just trying like hell to get his job rightfully back after it had been stolen. Honest to god stupid runs rampant in their ranks.

Even more sad is the fact that many corporations, in the immediate aftermath of the insurrection, announced that they were stopping donations to those political leaders who helped to spur on this violence. Well that lasted about five minutes as the following corporations have resumed giving bag loads of money to the idiots who caused all this to happen.

American Bankers Association



Lockheed Martin



Valero Energy

Marathon Petroleum

Make sure that you, your friends, and your family stop using these companies products where possible and to send them nice letters telling them that they are worthless pieces of shit and don't deserve to do busines in this country.

To those Trumplicans that are offended by this blog, good. I hope it makes you take a long look in the mirror at yourself and realize that you are on the wrong side of history, you idiot.

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