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Hey Numbnuts, It's Over

As a mostly rational thinking human being, I am flummoxed as to why the clown pictured above, has even one person that actually believes his nonsense. I haven't seen the official tally for a few days, but last I checked he has uttered over 30,000 lies since he was elected. He has a disease.

His latest romp through fairytale land, has been the endless rantings about how he actually won the election. I've come to accept his psychotic view of the world, what I still don't get, four years into this mess, is how he has managed to convince millions of otherwise nice, normal, people that his view is the only view.

Here are some actual facts for those still confused.

Joe Biden won 25 states + the District of Columbia. Goofball won 25 states too.

Joe Biden won 306 electoral votes. Goofball won 232. The number needed for victory is 270.

Joe Biden received 7, 059,873 more votes than the idiot in chief.

I'm unclear where the confusion comes from?

Just in case there is still doubt about the election, don't just listen to me, listen to these guys who the loser above put in office.

William Barr, Attorney General, "I've seen no evidence of any election fraud."

Chris Krebs, Director of Cybersecurity, "This has been the most secure election ever."

Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, "While at this time we have no evidence of a compromise or disruption to election infrastructure that would enable adversaries to prevent voting, change vote counts or disrupt the ability to tally votes, we continue to vigilantly monitor any threats to U.S. elections."

So, this election, like all the others, was normal. All the votes were counted, just like always. Recounts confirmed every total. Electors have been certified, just like always. There was nothing unusual, no widespread voting fraud, and all ballots that should have been counted were counted. In short it was just another election in America.

Yet, the nut, and his minions, continue to spew lies and misinformation, while filing 55 lawsuits trying to undermine the will of the American people. Law and order president indeed. To date, of the 55 lawsuits filed, 39 have been summarily rejected by every court and judge that has been presented with them. Including every judge he installed.

Yesterday, the one court he has been dying to get a case to, the U.S. Supreme Court, where he has repeatedly proclaimed how they would vindicate him and do him justice, rejected his case, unanimously, with a one sentence response, "denied". Even they can see stupid up close.

So why do so many people still think this election was rigged? Is it simply based on the insane rantings of a crazy person? When you boil it all down, his case for a rigged election comes down to this. He thinks that the only votes that should count are those that were for him, all the others are illegal. He sounds more like a dictator, than most dictators.

I also don't understand why somebody on his team, his wife, his daughter, his son-in-law, somebody, just go slap him across the mouth and tell him to grow the hell up. He is so screwed up that he is fighting for a job he has no interest in doing.

And by the way, HE LOST.

I've seen three year-olds less petulant than this dope. Why is every Republican so afraid of him? Worried about him tweeting something negative about them? What in the holy hell is wrong with everyone in politics? According to the AP, only 26 out of 200+ Republicans in congress believe Biden won. Anyone in congress that thinks Biden lost should be fired on the spot. We have enough idiots in DC as it is.

Additionally, if you are one of the 35% of Americans that also think Biden lost, and that the Democrats stole this election, I'm sorry but I know you can be better than that. Think about this. If the Democrats were going to go through all the trouble of fixing ballots for Biden, why would they not also make sure they won the Senate and House in a huge margin?

As I said earlier, I am astounded that there is even a discussion about this election still. There is only one fact that matters, and it is beyond any doubt.

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