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How Stupid Can You Be

I am continuously stunned at how stupid so many in America are. Yes I said stupid and I'm done apologizing for saying it to you if you are one of them. I see stories on the news or read them on line about the complete devotion that Trump followers have to not only that asswipe but to the Republican Party and I wonder how these idiots get through the day without help.

It's like they don't listen to what he is actually saying but instead believe what Fox News or some other dangerous far right media outlet is telling them that he is saying. The rest of the GOP is just as moronic as their followers are as they line-up and puke out the same bullshit that he says further legitimizing his demented rantings as brilliant policy.

Then there are the actual laws the GOP at the local and state levels are passing where they hold the majority that are designed to make sure that their twisted beliefs become the laws so that we all have to follow along in their fascist, racist, misogynistic, world they are determined to create. And to their shock the idiots who think the GOP is the answer are blindly and warmly welcoming the GOP taking away their Constitutional rights and eliminating our democracy all in the name of misplaced fear and concerns.

It's like someone opened up their brains and did a lobotomy that turned them into cult members who only believe what the dear leader tells them. Common sense is out the window for them, decency has long left the building, and free thought is a cute little story of a time long ago for them. The only thing that matters is "owning the Libs" because that is more important than your protected Constitutional rights or living in a free and fair democracy. "Not gonna let those damn Libtards tell me what to do." Instead they will listen to a loathsome human and party who hates them all to their cores as they smile and tell them how much better it will be under their desired dictatorship.

The complete stupidity of those on the right is so stunning that it seems like a bad movie. How can so many be so fooled? I just don't get how otherwise reasonable people have fallen for this bullshit the right is peddling.

This piece of shit human being wants to be dictator for life and you don't have to believe me, he keeps telling you himself. He is running for President to stay out of jail and to get even with his perceived enemies. He has no real political agenda just like he didn't have the last time when he almost destroyed our country while killing nearly 1 million of our family and friends by his inaction over a deadly pandemic where his solution was to shoot bleach into your veins. This idiot is the most dangerous person on earth right now and if you think he is the answer then you are just as stupid and sick as he is and I'm sorry but you don't deserve to vote since you've clearly lost your mind.

Even if you think this guy is too old or not up to the task he is still a better option for our country than the orange turd on the other side. He is interested in defending the Constitution, maintaining democracy, supporting our allies, re-establishing the right for women to make their own choices, restoring voting rights that the GOP with help from their idiot judges they've installed have taken away, and keeping America strong and secure. The other side wants none of that and they keep telling you they don't yet 70 million of you fools won't believe them.

This November will be the most important election cycle in our country's history since the mid 1800's. Our way of life is on the line. Our Constitutional freedoms are on the line. Our open democracy is on the line. We must open our eyes and vote out all Republicans at every level of government from your local school board to the Presidency of the United States. The country is at a tipping point and the one thing that is undeniable is that once democracy is destroyed you can never get it back as history has shown us this over and over again.

Wake up followers of Trump and the Republican Party, you are being lied to and being led by the nose to what they are determined to do, destroy our country. It is clear you can't see it yourselves because you have become as dumb as a box of rocks so I will keep pointing out to you how stupid you are and imploring you to wake the hell up you idiot.

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