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I Have A Question

This weekend is one of my two favorite weekends of the year. It is time to fall back and get rid of that pesky daylight savings time. My other favorite weekend is when we decide that we really miss daylight savings time and fall in love with her again in the Spring.

This whole production was started by, who else, a damn Canadian, when William Sword Frost in 1908 thought he would mess up people all over the world by turning his clock ahead one hour. What a jokester. Suddenly another town nearby thought it was a great idea and they did it too and suddenly 90% of the world lost their minds. Except for Saskatchewan where they just sit back and laugh at us because they never leave daylight savings time.

Its, of course, a simple procedure as you can see by my clock guy above. He will be here starting Friday night getting things prepared to change the time on all of our clocks. I know most people only have a few to change but because we have two old-ish people living here, and one very old person living here, we have more clocks than we need since it is imperative that we know what time it is for us to not have anything to do.

Here are just the clocks in Linda's mom's room. She is always concerned that she doesn't have the right time yet she gets out of bed at 6:15PM four times a year thinking it is 6:15AM. Maybe we need to get her a 24 hour clock. Nah, then we would have to teach her what time 1500 is.

This twice a year droll act drives everyone insane and yet, even with Washington DC actually working together to pass a law setting daylight savings time as the permanent time, we still are changing clocks this year. Oy!

I stopped wearing a watch about six years ago because I decided that since I was not working full time I didn't really care what time it was. I have since adopted the plan of waking up when I want, going to bed when I want, eating when I'm hungry, and having an adult beverage whenever the hell I feel like it. And if I want to wash down that chocolate cake with a beer I will and if you are disgusted don't watch.

This is really an insane custom we have and I think it is time we retire it. Businesses are wasting money and time having to change schedules, worker hours, and anything else that revolves around the time which is just about everything.

But for those of you that are determined to continue with this madness here is a reminder for you.

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