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I'm Feeling Sporty

Every time I write about sports I know that I'm losing at least half of my regular readers but my blog does say that it is about sports and life. Since my life is a currently going about four hundred miles an hour and headed directly off a cliff I thought it was a good time to unload on some things that are stuck in my craw.

Let's begin with the recently concluded Solheim Cup where the US women struggled to a tie with team Europe after taking what seemed to be an insurmountable lead on the first day of the matches. Like the USA has done way too many times they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

There is a changing of the guard on team USA as the ladies that had been the stalwarts of the team are being surpassed by the youngsters, and old in golf is not what it is in life. Lexi Thompson is the aged veteran and is only 28 and while she played OK this year she is clearly on the downside of her career as her struggles on the course continue to grow.

Even world number two, Nellie Korda, is not what she used to be before injuries set her back this year. Will she regain her form? Probably. The good news is that the USA has some terrific young players ready to take over this team and next year in Virginia should be their coming out party. Team Europe has many bright new faces themselves so this rivalry will be wonderful to watch for many years to come.

Then there is team USA for the Ryder Cup. I have already been walking away from watching men's golf for the past few years and this Ryder Cup pretty much finished it for me. After every beatdown by Europe in this event there is the verbal handwringing by media, fans, and the PGA of America as to why the USA men suck suddenly at this event.

If you watched three minutes of this, which was almost impossible to do since it started at 11PM and ended at 8AM here on the West coast, you could tell immediately that here was a different feeling on the USA team then there was on team Europe. Europe plays in this match like their careers depend on it and their love for each other and their flag is so obvious that it is crazy.

Then there is team USA that look like they would rather be doing anything else but playing in the Ryder Cup. Add in their lack of common courtesy, their lack of caring about each other, and their complete befuddlement at how to play alternate shot golf and you have a recipe for a crushing defeat like we just witnessed this past weekend.

Here is what was the final straw for me. In their post match press conference they were laughing, joking, and acting like they just finished a weekend match with their buddies at the club. There were no regrets, or introspection, or the least bit of feeling bad about playing like a bunch of spoiled brats, which they clearly are.

The Ryder Cup has become a complete joke and frankly a waste of TV time and viewing. I'm done with the PGA Tour, the Ryder Cup, and anything to do with this bunch of punks that are the current place holders of golf in America.

While I'm pissed and on the subject of dysfunction, let's talk about our Beloved.

The Chicago Bears are the most screwed up organization in professional sports right now. And second place is four hundred miles behind them. Aside from the fact that the on field product is possibly the worst of all time, and believe me there have been some horrible Bears teams in my lifetime, the organization itself is so rudderless that I'm embarrassed every time another story comes out on them.

First let's talk about how they have known their offensive line is the worst in football for the past, oh let's call it forty or so years, and yet they don't make one effort to draft or sign a quality lineman, ever, to fill the gaping holes there.

Then they put in an offensive coordinator who I believe is incapable of calling any plays beyond what you might see at a high school football game. So you have a combination of horrible product, players, and play calling and you wonder why they suck?

But it doesn't end there. First, they give the defensive coordinator his walking papers, or he quit, or he is on leave, or who knows what the hell is going on because their story changes every time someone else talks. Do they not have a PR department? Get your story straight for goodness sakes.

Then just when you think they are at their worst with that fiasco their high priced wide receiver goes AWOL and nobody seems to know what is happening. The head coach says he left on his own, the GM says he was sent home, and the player is in the witness protection program and in a media blackout.

Two screwed up events back to back and nobody in the the organization apparently has anyone else's phone number to talk and get their stories straight. As for ownership, well they are in the middle of screwing up a perfect opportunity to upgrade the fans game experience by leaving Soldier Field and moving out to Arlington Heights where they can put together a game day facility that would be unrivaled in sports. Instead they let the tax man triple the value of currently worthless land and now they are balking at moving out there. I thought they brought in the new guy because of his experience at building a new place? What is he doing?

Just an unbelievable series of idiocy going on in Lake Forest.

Finally, let's talk about something good to end this blog. After what was one of the best baseball seasons in quite a while it is time for the playoffs and I could not be more excited. While I'm disappointed that the Cubs decided to have a September swoon for the ages, the fact is that if you asked any Cubs fan in April how would they feel if the Cubs just lost out on the playoffs by half a game they would have been thrilled. They are headed in the right direction and 2024 should be fun again.

This years playoffs will feature the usual suspects, the Braves, Dodgers, Phillies, Tampa Bay, and Houston are back again but there are some new teams to watch this year too. Toronto, Minnesota, Texas, Milwaukee should all be fun teams to watch but for me the most exciting thing will be seeing how the Baltimore Orioles will handle being the top team in the American League.

They have one of the most exciting young teams in the playoffs led by Gunner Henderson an absolute lock for rookie of the year. My prediction record for baseball is not good but I'm going to say the World Series will be between Philadelphia and Baltimore with the Phillies doing what they couldn't do last year, win it all in six games.

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