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I'm Tired Of It

I was going to do a completely different blog then what you'll find here. I had, as I am want to do, myself worked up into a frothing frenzy over more nonsense from the far right radical anti American clowns in Washington and across the country. I was going to share with you all the stupid things they are focused on while the country is about to go off a cliff financially.

Unlike what is my normal pattern, I decided to sleep on this idea and see how I felt this morning. Waiting to get it out of my system before spewing forth a story with venom seems to be the smart thing to do but it doesn't get the anger out of me like a good rant does. Maybe I'm growing up, but I doubt it.

Here is what I ultimately decided. While ranting and raving at the idiots on the far right, the GOP, and their shrinking base of sycophant followers will make me feel better for the moment, it won't change anyone's mind in the end.

Why waste my time and effort when all it does is further enlarge the growing gulf between those of us who are trying to not lose our minds over the stupidity on the right and those of us that have already lost our minds and continue to believe the lies and distortions coming from the right wing media, politicians, and social media.

It now looks like it will take generations, if ever, before we can get to a place where facts are once again facts. Where people have the ability to actually recognize when they are being lied to and tell those telling the lies, you are not welcome in my world any longer. We are not there yet.

When friends tell me, and I know they are not stupid people, that the Biden family is the biggest crime family to ever hold the office of President, on the heels of the grifting and blatant robbing of us all done by the previous President and his family, I know we are still a long way from sanity prevailing.

When other friends are proud to say they have stopped watching Fox News, my heart soars with happiness that they have finally had enough of the lies and distortions coming from that network, only to find out it is because they feel betrayed that Fox let Tucker Carlson go, it crushes my soul. They still haven't learned a lesson.

I have been a long time registered independent. I have always prided myself on being a strong follower of the important issues, listened to both sides of an argument, and then made a decision based on what I felt was right. I haven't been able to do that since 45 was elected. There literally is not one Republican that I could accept right now, for any office. The craziness and anti Americanism that has engulfed that once proud party is disturbing and dangerous.

Toss in the proud racism, antisemitic rhetoric, along with a growing, violent anti LGBTQ+ hate on the right and there is just nothing to like about these people anymore. What bothers me more is that I have too many friends, and family, that have become swept up in their evil world. I truly don't get it and it bothers me greatly.

When presented with facts, they deny them. When they see for themselves video of things that are happening in real time, they blame someone else. When you point out that they refuse to allow people to choose their own paths they respond with why should they have to bend to our wishes like we are forcing them to go against their beliefs.

It is clear that there was a brewing undercurrent of hate and insanity rumbling underground that many of us never heard or saw until one evil, disturbed, clown got help from the Russians to get elected President and made it OK to publicly become a fascist, racist, denier of everything we hold dear to us in this country.

If you can't see through the lies, or understand the difference between facts and distortions, or recognize when someone is leading you down a dark, dangerous path of evil then me writing about a hundred things they are doing will not change one single mind. So I'm done with it. I feel sorry for you that you have chosen to be small minded and hateful. I feel bad that you refuse to accept reality. I am disappointed that you are heading down a path that won't end up well for you, or this country. I will still love you as I always have but we no longer have anything to discuss about issues until you are ready to open your eyes to reality.

I'm tired of it.

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