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Many of you have asked me to stop writing so many political pieces and I have listened to you. I have focused on sports and my personal life in recent blogs. However politics is a passion for me and it has been since I was a teenager so to completely walk away from it would be against my beliefs.

I have been reading and watching the goings on around the country as the 2022 midterm elections heat up. It looked, early on, like the Trumplican Party, (no longer the Republican Party), was going to have a massive win across the board in November. Then a series of events turned the tide.

First, the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade against the wishes of nearly 80% of America. This assault on women and their right to choose set off a tidal wave of backlash against the GOP. Then, Joe Manchin decided he could play in the Democratic playpen after all and Congress was able to pass a couple of huge bills that were wildly popular with most Americans.

However the biggest help to Democrats was, and is, the constant idiocy coming from the other party. As a political commentator said last night, "Stupid attracts stupid, and Trump is surrounded with stupid." The party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan is dead. In it's place is now a collection of people so stupid it defies logic why anyone with half a brain would vote for these people.

It would take me several blogs to list everything this party is saying and doing but here are some of the highlights so you can see for yourself the quality of the people now in charge of the once great party.

Herschel Walker in response to climate change said, "aren't there enough trees already?"

Matt Goetz, who is under investigation for sex trafficking minors, said that the GOP was a "party of winners."

Mike Garcia (R-CA) said that having Biden as president was like "having Nazi's running the government."

Tudor Dixon a Michigan candidate for Governor said if a woman is raped, "having the child is a form of therapy that brings her closure and helps the healing process." For those who don't know Tudor, she is a woman.

Andy Biggs (R-AZ) called Anthony Fauci a coward for retiring to avoid investigation when the GOP is in charge, all while Biggs has avoided testifying before the January 6th committee about his involvement in the insurrection. "On your left is where the Vice President will be hiding so have your noose ready."

In Oklahoma their fine state rep Scott Esk advocated for the death by stoning of all gay people. Bringing that whole 5th century thinking back.

Wisconsin's top nut, Senator Ron Johnson, said there was no need for him to answer questions about his role in trying to get illegal, fake electors, seated on January 6th because he was only involved in it for "a few seconds." "Officer, all I did was pull the trigger once."

Florida Governor Ron DeSanctis, a Trump wannabe, has decided to walk around like he is the state dictator and anything he wants he gets. He is going full bully as he runs for re-election this Fall with is sights set on the White House in 2024.

South Dakota Governor Kristy Noem was only doing what a parent should do for their kids when she illegally helped her daughter get a state license. She is now being charged with official misconduct by a state board of review.

Tennessee state rep Glen Casada and his assistant Cade Cothren have been indicted for running a fake company that received millions from the state. They have been charged with bribery, receiving kickbacks, and money laundering. They seem fun.

The voters of New York decided that Carl Paladino just wasn't crazy enough to be their rep in Congress so even though he passionately admitted that Hitler is "just the kind of leader this country needs right now", and that Merrick Garland "should be assassinated" he lost his bid last night in the NY primary. Watch for him to demand a recount.

The Louisiana GOP is denying flood planning and infrastructure money to New Orleans because they refuse to go along with their insane abortion ban for all reasons. Apparently non living lives are more important than actual living people there.

Speaking of abortion, the fine people in the great state of Kansas recently voted overwhelmingly to deny the state their plan to eliminate all abortions. Several people and groups paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to have recounts that showed, yes, they still lost by a landslide.

These are just a handful of the stories we see every day showing the destruction of a once great party. This is what happens when your leader is a lying, despicable, piece of crap. If you are following him, and believe he is the answer, then this is the kind of people you are going to be associating with.

It is indefensible to continue to rally around this party. You cannot vote for anyone because you are then saying that you are OK with all this craziness. People, it will only get worse the longer you allow them to stay in power.

The good news for the country is that it looks like the Democrats can keep control of the Senate and that the House is still in play for them. This November is going to be a referendum on whether or not we still want a Republic that believes in democracy or do we want a country that is racist, misogynistic, and criminal.

It is up to us. Pay attention to these people. It is not only what they say, but what they do you need to be aware of.

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