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Into The Home Stretch

So I heard back from my celebrity editor/brother last night and the news was mixed regarding getting the book published.

He was happy with the content of the story, but was less enthusiastic with the grammar, format, and punctuation. As he explained it to me I need to revisit the nuts and bolts of the writing. Ok, I can live with that feedback. At least he didn't say, find another hobby.

For those of you who have written in and asked about timing for when you can read this future masterpiece, I would say that it will make a wonderful Christmas present this holiday season.

After I go back through and edit this tomb, again, it will need to find a cheap college English major for a final scrub and edit. Hopefully I will have my penchant for commas under control and will have corrected all the Word blue underlines that pop up. (Interestingly, whenever I happened to have the word went at the start of a sentence, but not necessarily an actual sentence start, it would be underlined as a grammar error. If I added a word and it moved to someplace other then the sentence first word it went away.)

Since I am still in the middle of thirty-seven projects around here this might take me a few weeks to complete. For those of you that are eager with excitement for this book, relax, it is going to be a while yet, but the end is in sight. Stay tuned.

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