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It Is Depressing

I've been on my best behavior for the past month or so. I didn't want to stir up anger during the holiday's so I've kept my mouth, or fingers, shut and have silently stewed over each story I've read or heard about so many of you believing the lies being told to you by the political right.

I know many of you. I know that you are not idiots. I know that you know right from wrong. What I don't know is why a growing number of you are becoming so numb to the constant lies that you are now starting to believe them to be fact. This has a medical name that I can't remember right now so I'll just call it stupidity.

Let's start with the fact that nearly a third of our country now believes that the violent insurrection of January 6, 2021 was nothing but a nice gathering of peaceful law abiding people getting a little out of hand because the FBI was launching an undercover operation to embarrass the former President. This is a lie.

The former President worked with quasi militia types on the right to storm the Capitol, beat police, and try to find and hang the former Vice President because he would not go along with the plan concocted by the former President and his henchmen to toss out the legal, fair, and honest election of Joe Biden. You saw it with your own eyes and no matter how many times the GOP and others on the dangerous far right tell you otherwise that is the fact.

This was an attempt by a sitting President to overthrow our country. It happened in front of our eyes and if it happened in say 1993 the entire country would be up in arms and marching to find this fascist and kill him in a mob action. Instead, he has convinced a third of our country that he was not only justified in doing so but that it was his duty as President to do it. Folks, this is stupid and you need to stop believing it is anything else.

The most evil human being of all time is the idol of the former President and his band of fascists who are determined to rip up the Constitution and install him as the great leader and dictator, win or lose, this coming election in November. They are even saying it out loud now so it's not like they are quietly going about overthrowing our country, they are proud of what they are trying to accomplish. Here is what is depressing. Too many of you think it is a good idea also. How stupid are you?

You think that because you supported him in his insane venture to destroy our country that he will bring you into his inner circle and you will enjoy the great wealth and riches you think he is going to share with you. Here is another fact. He does not give one tiny shit about you and he will crush you just like the rest of us. That is who he is. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and leave the cult. He hates you.

This is what he and the others on the far right think of you. Believe it and deal with it. They lie to you because they believe you are so stupid that no matter what you see and hear for yourself, they can tell you something else and you will follow along with them. Well guess what? They are doing it every single day and you are sucking it up like little sheep.

They are lying to you about everything single things they say. Immigration, the economy, election integrity, race relations, women's rights, and on and on. Their helpers in the far right media are working with them to poison your mind. Fox News, News Max, Breitbart, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Herald, talk radio, and many others are all part of the scheme to install Trump as dictator and to turn our country into an authoritarian state.

They stir up bullshit to take your eyes off what they are really trying to do. Impeach the President, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the head of the FBI, and anyone else that is trying to stop them from their evil plan is fair game for them to use to prove their lies to you. And you fools are eating it up. Shouting out loud how awful these people are and how they need to be stopped.

It isn't them you should be worried about it is the idiots you are listening to. The real danger is them. They are the ones destroying our country. This is not a deep state plot, this is an open and blatant insurrection being led by a former President and his minions and you are helping them make it even easier than they could have possibly imagined.

I'm genuinely sorry for those of you that are part of their fruitless cause. They will be defeated, They will not be allowed to take down this country and they will go to jail for their efforts. Sadly, those of you that are buying into their pile of shit are going to be embarrassed, humiliated, and depressed when you finally wake up from your stupidity and realize how you were used by these horrible people.

I'm not telling you that you need to suddenly make a sharp left turn and become a liberal. I'm just telling you that the people that you are trusting are not your friends. They are lying to you and you need to open your eyes and see it for yourself before it is too late.

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