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It Is Time To Overhaul The Senate

The number one lasting legacy the former idiot in chief has given this country is the destruction of our democracy. His constant lies, his refusing to follow rules, and the rule of law, and his determination to get people in place across the country who will do what he says for anything he wants, has started to take hold.

Now, while there is little doubt he is the ringleader in this destruction of our country, he isn't alone. Republicans cannot get in line fast enough to get his blessing to run for an office, and to continue his agenda of wiping out our way of life.

I am here today to tell you that they have won. The fight is over. Forty-eight out of fifty Senate Democrats are willing to set aside the antiquated filibuster in order to insure that our right to vote, freely and fairly, stays in place. Zero Republicans are willing to keep the foundation of our democracy in place.

None of these people think the right to vote is important enough to change the most misused system in the world. The filibuster is outdated, changed on the whim of getting a pet project passed, and not being used as it was originally set up.

"We can't possibly change this rule" say most Senators whenever it is brought up. Yet they have changed it many times when it suits them to do so. Their bullshit stances on this are as frustrating as their egos are as Senators. These people actually think they are something special. They think the Senate is God passing down commandments to his minions.

The Democratic leadership is just as full of it as the GOP is on this. They control the Presidency, the House, and the Senate and yet they can't get out of each others way to pass anything important. As I have said repeatedly, they could screw up a one car parade.

We need massive changes in the Senate. The whole "aura" of the place needs to be fumigated and term limits need to be put in place. Two terms maximum, four years each. Half the Senate gets voted in during Presidential election years and the other half in midterms. The filibuster goes away and majority rules on everything.

The way things stand now isn't working. Nothing is getting done. All anyone wants to do is not let the other guys pass any laws. Whomever is in the minority is only interested in stopping the majority from doing anything. There are so many weird rules in place in the Senate that nothing can get done if only one Senator says no. How stupid is that?

Here is what I predict is going to happen in the next five years. The 2022 elections are going to have at least one instance where a Republican state will change the results of an election to suit their desire. This will set off lawsuits, that will not succeed, and eventually a civil war will break out between the Republican citizens and the Democratic citizens in that state.

It will be a test run for the 2024 Presidential elections where there will be massive vote changing so that Trump, or whoever is the nominee for the GOP, will be installed as President even though they did not get enough votes. That is when a countywide civil war will break out.

The first people to be killed will be Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema because they refused to set aside the filibuster to get voting rights in place. It will be a bloodbath in this country and our days as the beacon of light on the mountainside for the world will be over. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see any other option right now.

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