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It's A Covid Wave

We are coming up on 8 months of semi/total lockdown here is the USA, and good news, there is no end in sight. As of five minutes ago, there are almost 42.4 million cases worldwide, and 8.6 million here in the USA alone.

Almost 1.2 million people have lost their battle with this virus around the world, and a staggering 227,400 Americans have perished. Since March. Yesterday we hit an all time record cases of over 80,000, and today doesn't look any better.

This virus is relentless. It doesn't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat. It preys on men and women, young and old, rich and poor, killing all indiscriminately and destroying families and friends with equal impunity.

Eight months and we still have no plan on how to slow the spread. We have no plans to increase testing and tracing, the only way to identify hot spots and control the spread. We can't even agree on everyone wearing a mask, because 35% of the country feels it is their right to die if they want, and take down many neighbors and family along with them.

The number one place in the world for new cases, on a per capita basis, is North Dakota. The Republican governor there says, "making masks mandatory would be a waste of time because nobody would wear them anyway." Sounds like reasonable people living there. Idiots.

Speech after speech, by the goof in charge, are filled with lies and false hope. "We're rounding the corner on this," says the same guy who predicted it would all be gone by Easter, and then the summer, and for sure by fall. Not only is he an idiot, but he is killing his followers.

We are hearing stories from him, and from around the world frankly, that people are increasingly frustrated with governments, and politicians, and scientists, who keep shutting down countries, counties, or cities. The rapid increase of new cases worldwide is causing concern by most rational thinking people.

There is a minority that feels we should leave everything open and let people go on their merry way. Eventually the weak will die and the strong with survive, they say. Of course what they don't tell you is that for that to happen, the US alone, would lose over 2 million people first. If we are lucky and they are right. If they are wrong the numbers are sickening.

It has not been an easy eight months for any of us. Nobody likes to see their lives turned upside down. Nobody likes to see millions of people out of work. Nobody likes to see business closing up with no hope of ever coming back. Nobody likes to see hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans die. Needlessly.

There is never going to be an end to this unless we do what we should have done in February, when our leaders knew what was coming and did nothing but warn Wall street to sell off, and that is, we need to shut down the country for 30 days. It will mean more business potentially going under, and more people might be out of work, but the only way to stop the spread is shut down, test, trace, and contain those that are sick.

We can help in the meantime by wearing a mask in public. This is 100% proven to help slow the spread, and we could save over 100,000 people by doing this alone. This is not a big deal. It is not a political thing, it is a medical thing. Stop with the, "look how big my penis is" stupidity of not wearing a mask, and rejoin the human race by saving lives of your family and friends.

If you want to stop complaining about how your poor miserable life is being disrupted, by all these closings, then for chrissakes put on a freaking mask you dope.

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