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It's OK To Disagree

One of the things that makes this country great, and frankly better than anywhere else on earth, is because we have always accepted political discourse as a healthy way of life. We may not always agree with each other, but, we will defend to our death your right to believe in what you believe in, especially when we don't agree with you.

This is how we always stayed ahead of the rest of the world. Talking through issues and coming to, begrudgingly sometimes, a position that both sides could live with. Occasionally both sides were satisfied, usually both sides were less than thrilled, but always the country was better off for us having those discussions.

All was good for America, if not simmering underneath the smiles. Then the unthinkable, and unacceptable for some, happened. America elected a black man as President. Apparently the country with open arms and malice towards none, could not come to grips with the fact that a black man was going to be our voice, our steward, our face to the rest of the world.

It has long been rumored, and quietly verified, but never spoken out loud, by those in the know, that on the inauguration night for Barack Obama, Kentucky Senator, and Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell held his own party where he stood in the middle of key republican congressman, and senators, and proclaimed, "we will never let this n___r accomplish one single thing while he is president."

And so it began.

I know that many of you have stopped reading this column since I came out strongly against the current goof in the White House. I respect your right to choose to do that. You might know, if you are a long time friend, that I was not particularly happy with Obama either when he was president. I thought he was a wonderful person, a great father, a strong community organizer, but a terrible leader and decision maker as president. But I survived his term.

The fact that I think, and apparently most of the country agrees, that our idiot in chief is disgraceful and dangerous, and has driven a bigger wedge between us than any president ever, does not mean that I don't still love you as family and friend.

My best friend for the past 47 years is a huge White Sox fan, and I am a devoted follower of the beloved Cubs, and yet we still are friends, and have remained so, all these years. That shows how we can disagree and still love each other and respect each other. We've actually both come around to wishing the other team well, unless they are playing each other.

Anyway, my point is that America has now become so polarized, because of the insanity in Washington, that they have managed to infect the rest of the country with their vitriol and hatred. This is not what America has always been about. America has always been able to put aside differences and work to find solutions that help all Americans, not just the rich or powerful.

Just because our leaders repeat stupid shit over and over, and cable news picks it up and does the same, doesn't make it true. It makes it stupid shit repeated by idiots who think we are just as stupid as they are.

America today has lost its collective mind.

The wife of the Lt. Governor in Pennsylvania, is minding her own business, buying groceries, when some idiot approaches her and calls her the "n" word and tells her to get out of America. A crazed militia group in Michigan actually plans the kidnapping of the Governor and is stopped by law enforcement before they can carry it out.

Some dope is so distraught with a frozen pizza company that he gets caught stuffing razor blades into the crust dough of the brand he is unhappy with. A man, not vetted properly, is hired to be security in Denver for a march with two competing factions and he ends up killing a person when he gets mad.

And my current personal favorite stupid thing in America right now, is this unfathomable position, taken by mostly Republicans, to not wear a mask in public. This seemingly simple thing has got 35% of this country so up in arms, that they would rather kill, and be killed, than to protect themselves and their families, and other Americans.

It is such a stupid position, that I have tried, but I cannot understand, on any level, why this is the line in the sand they've drawn. Death over safety, because another idiot tells them that if they wear a mask the Democrats will be taking away their guns. Seriously? How does anyone buy this crazy argument?

This is what we've come to as a country today. We no longer find it necessary to protect each other, or respect each other, enough to do the simplest little thing for each other. I get that you might be unhappy that I don't like the president, but this country is going to break apart if we, the voters and people, don't pull back from the brink and get this country back on track.

If after four years of the clown and his circus sideshow you still think he is doing the country good, then there is nothing I will ever be able to tell you that will change your mind. Frankly, I'm not even going to try. However, I am also not going to stop being your friend or family, just because you like him.

We can disagree and still be respectful to each other. We did for over 225 years. Let's find a way to do it again.

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