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It's Time To Grow Up

There are four groups of people in my life. Family, friends, work people, and others. Others could include neighbors, friends of friends, acquaintances, clerks, etc. People who come and go in my life that my interactions with them are limited or passing. Sometimes work people become friends and then they move to that category. Family is always family and that never changes.

I want to talk to you today about only two of the categories of people in my life, family and friends because these are the two groups that I care the most about. You can hate me for that but I don't care. These two groups have proven themselves to me over time and have earned my love and respect and hopefully, I have earned theirs.

And that gets us to the crux of today's issue. Since a certain former President came on the scene and turned this country into chaos and fear mongering, hate filled, anti social behavior by elements of our society, some of my family and friends have taken to turning their back on me because of my intense hate for that clown. They also find my stance on some issues frustrating since they feel the opposite. I have a problem with that reaction and it is time for me to say out loud what I've been hinting around for a few years now.

It is time for you folks to grow the hell up. You know who you are, I'm not going to further embarrass you in public but you are aware of your problem with me.

I have heard from some of you that you don't like it when I call you names like brainwashed or stupid for your beliefs. Or when I come out and tell you that you are on the wrong side of an issue. Too bad. In my opinion, which happens to be the name of this blog, that is how I feel. Why me doing it bothers you so much yet when the former idiot in chief does it you hail him as a brave man for standing up to those that are out to get him, makes no fucking sense on any level. This either bothers you or it doesn't and unless you have spoken out about his behavior then you have zero right to criticize, or be angry with, me.

I have several friends who are on the opposite side of many political issues and we have some violent arguments on them, yet we walk away still friends and end up talking about something else without getting heated about it. That is what grown-ups do. I have found that those friends that were in the workplace for many years are less inclined to stop talking to me then those that have little or no experience in the real world. In business you face differences daily that you must navigate around to keep your job so you learn to roll with the punches.

My family is a different problem. One side of the family is Ukrainian and the other side is Serbian. Talk about a simmering powder keg. Navigating through the mine field of issues with them is like having a daily civil war. It is exhausting but I've been in that environment my whole life so for me, and them, it is pretty easy for us to get along.

The problem is with those that have married into the family. They have a hard time getting past all this because they weren't raised like we were. If we didn't have two people in a family not talking to each other on any given day we worried. It is hard for me to remember a family party where there wasn't a fist fight between two of us. It happened then we moved on.

Outsiders look at this and just don't get it, and on some level I guess I understand them. I never understood why all the drama either but it was what it was and I just reached around the battle for another cookie. One of the things we, the second generation of these combatants, did do is make a pact many, many years ago that we would never be like our parents.

We agreed that no matter how stupid anyone got we would never not talk to each other, hold a grudge, or cut each other out of our lives. We said that we would always love each other no matter what. Shockingly, until 45 came along, we did just that. Actually, we still mostly have this understanding with each other but it is some of the in-laws that are having trouble separating family from politics.

I have said this in my blog several times and to them more than once, in person or directly, just because we don't agree it doesn't mean I don't love you still. If you can't get past the differences then that is your issue, not mine, and you need to grow up and get over it already.

I can feel some family slipping away because of your anger towards my beliefs and I'm not happy about it. For one, I refuse to let some grifter who should be in jail come between me and my family, and two we had a deal and I've lived up to my end and it is time that you did the same.

I'm going to still love you to death even if you want nothing to do with me. Trust me, I will sleep fine at night knowing I did what we agreed to all those many years ago. Sadly, the people that need to read this the most won't because they have stopped my blog from coming to them. That is the shame of it all and I hope someone in the family will pass this around so those people will read it.

I will not apologize for my beliefs, nor should you for yours. What I do expect is that you move past the differences and let the family be a family again.

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