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Let's Be Clear

For those of us living on earth one, this election is pretty clear. You can re-elect a man who guided us through a devastating pandemic, got the economy turned around from the free fall it was in, restored jobs to one of the highest levels in our history, and is a fierce defender of civil rights including the right for women to decide what to do with their bodies.

Or you can vote for the guy who ignored the millions of our fellow neighbors and family that were dying from a rapidly expanding disease, gave so many tax cuts to the wealthy that it caused the other 99% of us to see our lifestyle come crashing down around us because the economy was a disaster, which in turn put record numbers of us out of work, and proudly nominated three people to the Supreme court that led in the decision to overturn a women's right to choose sparking fear and outrage, and has said, repeatedly, that he will be a dictator if elected.

Because the dangerous far right and the Republican party know they can't beat President Joe Biden fair and square they have spent the last three years leading a smear campaign against him that has portrayed him as dotard, weak, a thief, and un American. While pumping up the former President as strong and decisive. If you watch anything other than far right media you know that all the above is bullshit and lies. Biden and Trump are none of how they are portrayed by the GOP.

This election is about three things and please don't be sidetracked by the charlatans on the right waving flags and telling you stories. These are the only really important things on the minds of most of us.

First, democracy. The dangerous far right will loudly scream that we are not a democracy but a Constitutional Republic and technically they may be right but the foundation of our country is rooted in democracy. That is that we all have the same rights and privileges that are afforded us to choose who will lead us, where we can work, what we can own, and that we can freely say how we feel without fear of being thrown in jail.

The party of Trump and his far right think tank operatives want to take all that away from us because by us having these things they cannot completely control our lives. Rick Santorum said not too long ago when asked about reproduction rights being put on the ballot in Ohio that "we can't allow the people to decide these things or it will be chaos." Can you imagine a former politician saying that we Americans are not smart enough to decide this stuff for ourselves that we need the intrusion of far right ideologs to make those choices. And to be clear they only want their far right friends to decide not any liberals.

Second in importance is allowing women the right to decide for themselves if they want to have a child or not. The right is still intent on forcing all women to live under their belief system and not allowing anyone to decide for themselves what they want. In all six state votes where choice was on the ballot it has won handily. Even women who may personally be against abortion believe women should have that right to choose.

However the men of the Republican party believe they know better and even after all these loses they are still trying to make sure that there are no abortions ever anywhere in the country, even where states have said it is legal. Recently they have no gone so far over the edge that they are now banning IVF because they feel that an egg is life. Seriously, this is how deranged they have become on this issue.

The final thing that is of primary concern to the country is the maintaining of our acceptance that we live under the rule of law. This fundamental pillar of our country is that we are all equal under the laws of the land and that no person, or people, are excepted. This is being attacked daily by the far right and the GOP as they are trying to tear down the structure of the justice department all while denigrating the system by telling their followers that they only are going after the conservatives in the country and so they need to be stopped.

This is such bullshit that it is hard to believe anyone is buying it but the minions on the right are lapping it up hook, line, and sinker. The party that once stood for law and order is now the party that says only the people they disagree with should be prosecuted and all their idiots should be left alone. This is not what our country is all about.

Are there some unfairness issues in meting out justice, of course there is you can just look at the color of the people in jail and see we can do better. Are we targeting people because of their political beliefs? Not even close to being true. If you break the law you should be prosecuted no matter who you are.

This is what the right believes should happen if they don't like a decision by the rest of us and we can never forget what they did when the idiot they believe in told them to take over the Capitol that sad day. If you don't agree with them then their answer is to take it back with force and now that they failed and are being prosecuted because of it they cry foul and scream they are political prisoners. No, you are criminals that were tried and convicted.

This November there are three things to remember when you are deciding who you want to lead our country. Who wants to keep democracy strong? Who believes we have the right decide for ourselves how to live our life? Who will stand up for the rule of law and who will tear it down?

Unless you are completely twisted or a total idiot it is pretty clear that the Republicans are trying to destroy this country and the Democrats are working hard to save it.

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