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After a long and excruciating weekend of watching Chicago sports teams fail miserably I have something to say on that, and a few other topics, so let's just get right into the quagmire.

I have said for a few years that it is impossible to judge Justin Fields because the team around him is horrible. So far this year the team is still horrible but now I can judge him, and the Bears brain trust. They suck.

As the noted long time football genius Tom Barnicle has been saying for thirty years, "The Bears cannot run a screen pass successfully. Why do they keep trying?" Only they know the answer to that question but they are determined to keep trying to throw it no matter how many games it costs them.

Every team in the NFL and college successfully throws the screen pass, except any team residing in the state of Illinois. The Bears, the dying Illini, and Northwestern all have proven their ineptitude with this play. Stop already. Can you not see that it doesn't work, ever?

I hoped this years Beloved would climb up to the .500 mark but if they win three games the city should throw them a parade. Right now the kicker is the team MVP and the only dependable player. Not good for them.

Does this picture bring back shivers and heart palpitations? I am showing this because this years Cubs team seems to be on the same track as the 1969 Cubs team. Turning a sure playoff appearance into another off season of early golf. After playing way above expectations this entire season they have now picked the final three weeks, in the middle of the playoff run, to go on a long losing streak and take themselves right out of the playoff picture. Arrrgh!

Well it's been quite a week for the wonderful women of the GOP. The party that is hell bent on keeping trans people from enjoying life, making sure that drag shows are banned because they are a breeding ground for homophobic teaching and grooming, and are bible thumping their way to taking every right away from anyone who dares not be conservative has shown their true colors once again.

Let's begin with the dumbest of the group, although in fairness that is a very low bar, the fine "lady" from the great state of Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene. The firebrand cracker who has yelled repeatedly from the seats at the President during his state of the union speeches and has shown pictures of a nude Hunter Biden and his penis in the house committee meetings, has demanded that the Senate reverse their new policy on attire because, "Dress code is one of society's standards that set etiquette and respect for our institutions. Stop lowering the bar." She said this week. Yes, the Senate should take etiquette lessons from her.

Not to be outdone, her former partner in hate and fake facts, the Representative from the equally great state of Colorado, Lauren Boebert, was caught at a Beetlejuice play vaping, taking videos, talking loudly so people around her couldn't hear the play, and as happens so many times at a play, she was caught having her girls fondled while she groped her dates crotch. This is the loudest voice against the destruction of family values in the House and she is certainly setting a fine example of the kind of behavior kids should be parroting.

Next up is the Governor from South Dakota, Kristi Noem, who is married with children and desperate to be the new Trump VP, all while carrying on a years long affair with one of his advisors, the despicable Corey Lewandowski. This guy was fired by Trump because he couldn't keep his hands off women and if Trump fires you because of your treatment of women you must be a real piece of work. Noem has been at the forefront of demanding drag shows be eliminated and gay people be helped to overcome their affliction because they are dangerous for kids to be around for the unwholesome message they send. They should be following in the footsteps of that mother of the year Noem who cheats on her husband instead.

Finally, and you really can't make this stuff up, the Governor of Arkansas, former White House spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has just signed into law a bill that makes it illegal for anyone to release her travel records or appointment list as Governor. She does not believe that the people in her state need to know where she is going or who she is meeting with because it is too dangerous for her family. Apparently the Constitution and transparency stop at her office. How does anyone still think this party deserves your vote and will they stop with their screaming about how the liberals are ruining family values? Probably not. That is why we need to stay on top of their nonsense and point it out every day.

Let's end this on some good news. Friday starts the Solheim Cup between the USA and Europe in Spain. This is going to be an epic battle against two really good teams. Unfortunately the start times are in the middle of the night for most of the country so you'll either have to tape it and avoid reading anything on line or change your sleeping habits to get up at O dark hundred to watch it live. Either way it will be a wonderful weekend of golf.

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