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More Reasons To Hate The Holidays

This past week was another reminder of why the holidays suck more and more each year.

They say bad news comes in threes and I would believe it right now. On Christmas Eve, eve, we had our computer guy come over to figure out why, suddenly, Linda's laptop would not communicate with the printer and print anything. Things were working fine and suddenly no go.

He opens her laptop and points out a bump in the case next to the mouse pad. He says the battery is about to explode and we need to get a new laptop. Luckily he has one he will sell to us for $200 and the old laptop. We say I guess, why not. Unfortunately he still can't get the printer to print with the new one either and he has to go but will come back on the day after Christmas and fix it, which he did, but a $200 expense we did not need.

Then, like clockwork around the holidays, our kitchen sink gets clogged and we cannot get it drained. A plunger, liquid plumber, and Ace brand clog opener won't work so I call the home warranty company and we get a nice fellow out here yesterday. He has the wrong sized rooter and can't unclog the drain but will call the warranty company and have them send someone else out to do that and check under the house to see if there is a bow in the line. We are now on day five with no kitchen sink.

Then, just when I thought we were done with the evil holiday gods, I spent three hours in the emergency room on Tuesday with a bladder infection. I love the questions they ask men for this rare infection. "Have you had unprotected sex with a prostitute in the past five days?" "Unprotected? No not unprotected."

My temperature is fluctuating between 99.7 and 101.5. I feel like crap. Going to the bathroom is exciting as the sensations range from tingling chills to burning fire. I am sleeping, on and off, for 10-14 hours a night, only waking up to go pee, weakly and painfully every 20 minutes.

The perfect capper to another beautiful holiday season.

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