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My Media Onslaught

Well you knew it was inevitable. Once I figured out how to make a video and launch it to social media I was going to be impossible to be around. That day is here.

I decided to try to figure out how to record a commercial and get it posted on Facebook and a few minutes ago it launched. It is not very good, but just OK. Trust me, I'll get better. Maybe I'll even go all Mike Baxter on you and start doing these as a vlog instead of a blog. Hmmm?

The commercial is my seasonal attempt to get both of my books sold to as many people as possible. Right now I'm at a respectable #94,011 under memoirs for The Smartest Generation, and a stunning #6,855 under Crime Action for Homecoming. I would like to see those numbers go up by around ten thousand books each which would then allow me to break even for my expenses to write, edit, format, and publish them.

Linda says I can't write anymore until we at least get our investment back. At the current rate it should only take us maybe another fourteen or fifteen years to recover. My venturing into commercials should speed this up to maybe only six years.

You'll have to go to Facebook to view it apparently since I have no clue why it isn't working here.

In any case I will keep making them and posting them on Facebook until they call me and tell me that I need to pay for ad space and then that will conclude that.

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