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Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow...

You may have heard that I wrote, and released, a book recently, it's been in all the news. To reward those that I wrote about, without getting their permission, and to a few others I owed money and favors to, I decided to send them an autographed copy as a small token of my appreciation.

So, last week I sent off copies, in identical packaging, to 28 cities in 14 states and 2 countries. Today the final book will finally be delivered. The winner of the most difficult place in North America to deliver a package, via the US Mail, is:

Carmel, Indiana.

This bustling megalopolis outside Indianapolis, IN apparently is more difficult to get mail to than say, Ashland, OR which is only 15 miles East of the middle of nowhere, or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada which is only a short 40 minute drive from the North Pole.

Here is the clown that has ruined a perfectly fine system, Louis DeJoy. He was appointed by the previous idiot in chief who wanted someone to come in and completely dismantle the postal system so that it could be thrown away and given to private industry, that he and DeJoy just happened to have a major financial interest in.

The first thing DeJoy did was have the maintenance team within the USPS destroy most of the mail sorting machines. I don't mean just toss them away, I mean he had them actually destroy them with sledge hammers and crushers so that they could never be repaired or returned to operation.

Why? Because he wanted to make sure that the mail was slowed down to a snails pace. Primarily because the former idiot in chief wanted to insure that no mail-in ballots were able to reach their destination in time to be counted in the 2020 election, but also to insure that people became so frustrated with the service they found alternative ways to send things, maybe even by the former company DeJoy ran and still has financial interest in.

The new President cannot replace this one man destruction team because the previous guy got the rules changed so that only the board can replace him, a board that DeJoy has been paying off with buying stocks in their companies to keep him in his job. Seriously, even my fertile mind couldn't think this shit up.

One board member was ready to be the final vote to remove him and DeJoy went and bought $300,000 worth of stock from the board members company and suddenly his vote was changed. Crazy but true.

So now we are stuck with a system that is so slow that it has taken eight days to go 1700 miles as the crows fly, or 1900 miles by roads to get slightly more than halfway across the country. Hell, it took three days to get to Phoenix and that is only a short four hour drive.

There have been over twenty conflict of interest allegations against DeJoy and he continues to raise his middle finger at all of this. A new board was installed to remove him and they are dragging their feet at getting him out. Several of the new members have said they are impressed with his plans for ruining the USPS and want him to move forward.

Anyway, the point here is that I have a book that is now released and I would like for you to do two things to help me. First tell everyone you know, in any way you can think of, to go to and type in The Smartest Generation, and buy the book. Secondly, once you read the book, please go to the same place and write a short review. This will help generate some media attention that will get others to read and review the book.

For those of you that have already done this, many thanks. For those still waiting to read the book, hurry up. Just kidding, take all the time you need until Saturday to finish it and write a review.

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