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Never Ending Wars

For the past few weeks we've been hearing a certain faction, of our federal government, bemoan our leaving Afghanistan after only nineteen years there. Their biggest complaint is that the very people we chased out, will return and retake the country. Guess what? If we stayed there another forty years and then left the same thing would happen.

The issue is that no matter how hard we train them, and no matter how much they assure us they are ready to self protect, they will never be ready. Afghanistan is not the first time we've seen this happen, just in my lifetime.

We hightailed it out of Vietnam in 1975, after twenty years, and 58,220 American lives were lost. We spent millions of dollars training the South Vietnam troops over the twenty years there, and what happened, literally seconds after we took off, they laid down their guns and joined the North. Those that didn't were shot immediately. They offered no resistance and now the country is still under communist rule as one Vietnam. Would another five years there have made a difference? No.

Because we never learn our lessons, George Junior decided we should invade Iraq, topple Saddam Hussein, and give his father the final victory he deserved, but didn't get, under his stewardship. Fifteen years later, and 4418 dead young American soldiers, we turned the country over to the Iraqi army who assured us they were ready to fight to the death to defend the country.

As we all know, that didn't happen. Instead the country, in less than one month, dissolved into a complete civil war, and the Iraqi army could not abandon our equipment, we left behind for them, to the insurgents fast enough. They looked just like the French in WWll, but with an Arabic accent. Meanwhile the poor people of Iraq have been brutalized for three years now.

Which leads us back to our leaving Afghanistan. We have been fighting the Taliban for twenty years. We push them away, and they regroup, and come back somewhere else, where the process repeats. The "government" that is running the country, has met a total of once in ten years. They are too busy sitting around doing nothing while we run their country. They yell and scream at us to get out, but they really don't want that to happen.

We have spent billions, and lost 2351 soldiers, in the twenty years, and the country with no trees, will be overrun by the Taliban in the next five days or sooner. Why? Because the "men" there don't give a shit about anything but smoking and beating women and children who dare to try to learn something in school.

The one lesson we did learn is to take our equipment out of the country, at least, so that the Taliban don't get free stuff to help them. Besides, Russia gives them anything they ask for, so they really don't need our stuff.

If you are keeping track at home, that is just under 65,000, young American boys and girls, who have been killed in just these three wars, sadly, for nothing. Yet the war hawks in Washington want to keep the party going so that we lose more people for a complete waste of time battle.

If the people we are trying to defend and teach don't care, why should we? If they won't bother to even try to help themselves, why are we wasting our time with them? We are dying in countries that don't have vegetation, the interest in self ruling, or the inclination to work.

Some are saying that instead of throwing money at them, spend the time to train them to help themselves. Guess what? We have been doing that and THEY DON'T CARE! It doesn't matter to them who is in charge because there is nothing in the godforsaken land to care about.

Enough is enough with the wars with no end for America. We have enough problems back here to worry about. We have half the population falling in love with despots while the other half is busy making sure we all drive electric cars in three years.

How about we take some of that good old American gumption and stop the spread of a deadly virus. Then we can stop the spread of a dictatorship train and restore voting rights to preserve our democracy. When we accomplish those two things we can then focus our attention on getting our country back together by repairing the infrastructure that is crumbling all around us.

Good-Bye endless wars.

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