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Now It Is Getting Nuts

I was going to just take a break for the holidays in order to recharge my brain and mainly to make sure I didn't offend anyone during the holidays but recent events in Texas have made me so angry and discouraged that I just had to make a quick comment.

The asswipe pictured on the left above is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. This worthless piece of shit has been making a name for himself over the past ten years by doing one idiotic thing after another. He led the charge to erase the free and fair election of Joe Biden by filing a lawsuit claiming that Biden should be tossed from office because Trump won but was cheated out of his victory. Like all the other lawsuits this one was tossed so fast it had skid marks.

Then he got the Texas legislature to approve his stupid law that allows someone to rat on another person that helped a woman get an abortion, even if they just drove them to the airport, and in return for ratting out your neighbor you get a cash reward. Reminds me of Communist China or Russia where they routinely have people letting the dopes in charge know who is doing something wrong. Apparently the people of Texas like living under communist rule because they have not uttered one peep about this law.

Then just when you think the Republicans can't get any more disgusting this past week happens.

The lady pictured on the right above is Kate Cox. She lives in Texas and is the married mother of two beautiful kids and is pregnant with their third. Sadly the fetus in her womb will not survive the pregnancy, and possibly Mrs. Cox won't either. She and her husband do want to have more children in the future and according to their doctor if she carries this dead fetus to term she will likely never be able to have any more kids.

Because Texas has some of the most draconian abortion laws on the books she is not allowed to get one in Texas without a court allowing it. She petitioned the courts and they agreed that since her life was in danger she should be able to have one. Then the human turd , Ken Paxton, sent letters to two different hospitals in her area along with letters to her doctors letting them know that if they go ahead and perform this abortion he will arrest them and charge them with murder. Then he will make sure they all lose their licenses to practice meidicine.

What a sweet guy.

Mrs. Cox and her attorney appealed this to the state Supreme Court who refused to make a decision thereby forcing her to bring this dead fetus to term. She instead went to another state where they still have abortions available to women and aborted the dead fetus. The court then announced their decision, after she had already had the abortion, that she was not entitled to have one in Texas.

Apparently only the judges and the Attorney General in texas are allowed to make these kind of calls. Screw the doctors, what do they know.

This is where the dangerous far right Christian Nationalist movement wants the country headed friends. They want zero abortions anywhere to be the law and no matter that every state that has held an election to vote on this has voted to allow abortions by huge margins, these small minded worthless scum think they know what's right and we don't.

They are working feverishly behind the scenes to insure that anywhere they get a majority that they pass anti abortion laws no matter what the people voted for. You see this is all part of the GOP's new plan to make Trump, if he is elected, dictator for life and when he dies just replace him with another moron to lead their cult.

They will not be stopped in their mission and we must remain vigilant to what they are doing so that we can stay ahead of their bullshit. Here is the reality of this movement. They are not pro life like they scream from the mountain tops. They don't care if the fetus lives or dies. What they are is pro birth. They want anything made with sperm, whether it was consensual, rape, or incest to be born because that is what they want, and screw the women and their opinions.

The travesty that happened this week in Texas is just the first of hundreds of others like it about to happen in all the other states that have passed anti abortion laws. And if you think you can get this on a ballot and vote on it, forget that plan because the GOP is working even harder to stop anyone from trying. They have learned their lesson the hard way in the few states that have already voted choice as their preference and they will not let that start to spread across the country.

The Republican party, the far right, and the Christian Conservatives that lead them are just as dangerous as Trump and his band of cruel clowns. These people want us to live our life as they see fit only. Unless you stand up to them and vote every single Republican out of office we will be fighting this with even greater determinatino in the near future.

This is how the civil war will begin. You have been warned early. Heed the call for you to do your duty and vote these assholes out of office.

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