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Only In America

This is a phrase that makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear a politician say it. When it is said it means that we have had another senseless mass shooting somewhere in this country and the very people that keep voting to make it easier to get the killing machine now want you to know how sorry they are for their spineless bullshit.

Nowhere else on earth do we have the number of mass murders like we do here. It is uniquely American. There is mental illness everywhere in the world, there are unhappy workers everywhere in the world, there are people with family issues everywhere in the world, and yet nowhere else in the world are there mass shootings.

In just the past two years we have had nine shootings where at least six people were killed.

Yesterday - Uvalde, TX - 20 people plus the shooter killed, 18 of them children

5/14/22 - Buffalo, NY - 10 people killed

5/26/21 - San Jose, CA - 9 killed plus the shooter

5/9/21 - Colorado Springs, CO - 6 killed plus the shooter

4/15/21 - Indianapolis, IN - 9 killed plus the shooter

4/7/21 - Rock Hill, SC - 6 killed plus the shooter, 2 of them children

3/22/21 - Boulder, CO - 10 killed

3/16/21 - Atlanta, GA - 8 killed

2/2/21 - Muskogee, OK - 6 killed, 5 of them children

The list of shootings where at least three people were shot is so long it would take three columns to list them all. Why are we still OK with this? Where is the outrage and pressure on our elected officials to stop this from happening? Why are those of you that run out to buy assault weapons doing that?

If you own this, or one like it, then it means only two things. You either are planning on killing multiple people at some time in the future or your penis is so small that you need this to prove what a man you are. There is no other reason to own this weapon. It was, and is, designed to be used by combat soldiers in time of war, not to be owned by 18 year old nuts to shoot little kids.

If you bought one of these then you are just as responsible for the mass killings in this country as the person who actually pulled the trigger. You, and like minded people like you, have allowed the politicians to be bought buy the gun lobby to insure that they can sell their killing machines to anyone at anytime without any repercussions. You are a murderer yourself.

Many of you are violently pro life also which never has made any sense to me. How can you be so passionate about the nonexistent life of an amoeba floating around in a womb and at the same time be so in favor of one human killing another human with a gun they don't need. What the fuck is wrong with you?

I wish we would go door to door and take every gun from every American and rid the country of them all but that is just not going to happen until I become Czar some day. I have learned to live with the reality of guns.

If you want a handgun to defend your family, or a shotgun or rifle to hunt game, I can live with that. There is no reason to own an assault rifle for any reason. If you give me one of your stupid reason I will tell you all the same thing, you are a worthless human and a future mass murder.

Owning one of these weapons of war doesn't make you special or strong, it makes you look like a nut who should probably go into therapy and find out why you feel so inadequate. If you vote for anyone that advocates the owning of guns then you are just as guilty of killing these small children as the gunman. It can't be both ways.

It is time those of us who have had enough of all this stand up and demand more from our government and elected representatives. This is an election year and as good a time as any to send a message to our national, state, and local politicians. If you support owning a gun then you will be voted out of office.

And if you live in California, where we are about to pass a gun law similar to the abortion law in Texas where turning in anyone involved with an abortion will get you a reward, then get ready for some good times gun owners because we are coming after you.

By the way, the Constitution does not say that you as an individual can own a gun, it says we have the right to arm a militia to defend ourselves. "The right of the people" not the right of the person. A big fucking difference.

Guns kill people everyday. Enough is enough.

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