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Protecting Our Country

This past week the Department of Homeland Security announced the formation of a new division called the Disinformation Governance Board. Their role is to look for and counter misinformation and disinformation campaigns specifically from Russia and anything concerning Irregular Migration.

The conservative media and the GOP have gone nuts over this development.

One of the greatest dangers we are facing right now is the continued spewing of disinformation, mainly through social media, but also by politicians and pundits, who have decided that the best way to champion their cause is to just keep repeating the same lies over and over until their followers start to believe them.

This is nothing new. Autocrats and dictators have been doing this for centuries. It is only recently, mainly since the former idiot in chief was president, that it has become widespread here. If you continue to tell people a lie eventually they think it must be true otherwise why would you keep saying it?

Back in the day we called these people idiots, today we call them Republicans.

As I said, this new board will be charged with making sure that misinformation will be addressed quickly and aggressively so that it doesn't become defacto "real" information. By focusing on two primary areas of problems, and targeting those that are doing the spreading, they hope to tamp down any widespread growth.

Conservative media immediately went into overdrive against this whole idea and board. Among the insane charges levied this week by them we got:

Democrats want to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them

Democrats are opposed to free speech unless you agree with their point of view.

Liberals are using the book "1984" as a manual instead of a warning as intended.

When the GOP regains control of Congress they need to eliminate the DHS.

Meanwhile these champions of truth and justice continue to spew the following:

Donald Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him because of widespread voter fraud.

Russia has a right to invade Ukraine because it really belongs to them anyway.

Liberals/Democrats are running a child porn ring from a pizza parlor in the Bronx.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter were dressed as Trump followers and caused the riots on 1/6.

At the same time 1/6 was just a friendly gathering and not an attempt to overthrow the government.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was working with China to develop Covid for his personal gain and he caused the pandemic.

There is no pandemic, it is all fake news by the liberal press.

And that is just a few of the things I can think of off the top of my head. Trust me there are hundreds more but it isn't worth my time to research them all. It has gotten so crazy on the right that they now lie about everything even when they don't have to lie. It is a part of their narrative now.

I know that politicians have been lying, on both sides, for hundreds of years. I don't trust anything they say and haven't for quite a while. Unfortunately there are too many people out there that do not have the ability to think for themselves and blindly believe anything they hear from their leaders, especially if their supreme leader says it is so.

Here is the really scary part. He lies so much that even he believes the stuff he is lying about.

Nobody is trying to eliminate free speech. Nobody is trying to eliminate anyone who disagrees with Democrats. However there needs to be a concerted effort to let everyone know that what you are hearing may not be the truth. Will those true believers actually believe the truth from a government agency? Probably not.

Hopefully they can stem the tide of falsehoods and lies and get us back on the path of truth and justice.

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