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Proudly Wearing The Colors

I have been following with interest the launch of the Nike City Connect uniforms in major league baseball. There have been misses, there have hits, and now there has been a home run. Only about half the teams have had theirs released to date so this list likely will change once all have been announced but here is my top ten so far in reverse order.

Arizona Diamondbacks - I like the snake reference with the shout out to their Latino fans.

Kansas City Royals - Very cool use of KC in the logo with homage to the waterfall in center.

Milwaukee Brewers - Very retro with the powder blue and Brew Crew reference.

Boston Red Sox - I was not too sure initially but these have grown on me.

San Francisco Giants - I love the image of fog used in the logo. Really clever.

Colorado Rockies - Like the Red Sox I was unsure but now they make a lot of sense.

Los Angeles Angels - The numbers in the scoring shaped box is awesome.

Chicago White Sox - Nothing says Southside like these. Perfect for the Sox.

Miami Marlins - They perfectly captured the colors and flavor of South Beach.

San Diego Padres - I almost died when I saw the Padres run onto the field Friday night wearing these uniforms. Without a doubt the best professional sports team uniform of all time. If I'm the Padres I demand that the team wears them every home game. The colors, the graphics, the whole damn thing screams San Diego and Southern California.

So now that I've started down this road I might as well share my top ten favorite team uniforms of all time. I compiled this before the Padres city connect were announced and I may have to change the number one to them, but for now I'll leave this list as I originally created it.

LA Dodgers - Their away uniforms are classic and simple and I've always loved them.

Dallas Stars - I don't know what it is but I love the stripes and logo.

Chicago White Sox - Another classic look that has always been perfect.

Colorado Rockies - I love purple and I love these uniforms.

Montreal Canadiens - These are the best away uniforms of all time. Classic look.

Oakland A's - The kelly green versions are sensational and remind me of the 70's.

Northwestern Wildcats - These purple and white versions are killer and I loved when they switched back to them.

San Diego Chargers - The best football uniform of all time. The powder blue and lightening bolt design just rocks.

St. Louis Cardinals - These home whites are the best baseball uniform of all time, until the Padres city connect came along. As much as I hate the team I do love these uniforms.

Chicago Blackhawks - These are the greatest uniforms and logo of all time. Whenever you see a poll of athletes, in any sport, asked to rank their favorite uniforms, these win nearly every time. I know people are offended by the Indian head today but the Blackhawk nation has approved them wearing it and that is good enough for me.

Well, there you have my list of top uniforms. Anyone that knows me knows what a fashionista I am so this list carries unusual weight with the fashion public. It is a heavy burden I carry but someone has to keep teams on their toes.

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