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Reviews Are Pouring In

It's only taken two months for family and friends to take three minutes to order my new book and then five weeks to getting around to reading it. Apparently "family stuff" is more important than reading my new book knowing I'm desperate for gratification about my latest endeavor.

However, I finally have been hearing from my peeps and the feedback is fantastic.

A high school friend living in Illinois writes, "I was reading the book last night and I finally got to the interesting part before I fell asleep."

A certain mother said, "Where did you get all these names? It's kind of confusing. How do you know these people?"

A friend living in a coastal city in California texted, "At first I couldn't follow all the people but now it's just a little confusing."

An old friend living in Florida writes, "I thought it was great. Keep writing and you'll eventually get good at this."

Another friend in Indiana emailed me to let me know that she was, "Going to eventually get around to reading it but is too busy taking grandkids out to lunch and then she'll be on vacation in Europe and doesn't know when she'll have the time to read it but thinks it is probably pretty good."

Another long time friend sent me a message on Facebook saying, "I just finished it and wow."

One of my uncles in Chicago called and asked, "Are you famous or something?"

Someone that I've known for quite a few years called me and said, "I'm reading your book and it is completely unbelievable. This would never happen."

A family member said they hadn't read it yet "because I didn't send them one."

It warms my heart to know I have the support from family and friends.

I'm also thrilled that as of today, on Amazon, my book is soaring up the charts. It is #5164 on the Assassination and thriller list. #7040 on Crime action and adventure list. #19,196 on the Action Adventure and mystery list. Amazon will not tell you how many books are listed in each area but based on the sales to date I'm gong to guess these numbers are closer to the bottom then the top.

My goal has always been twofold. One, write something that I enjoy writing and two sell enough books to make back my investment for self publishing. So far one out of two will have to be enough.

Nothing says back-to-school like a good book but even if you can't find one this book would be pretty decent also. And it's never too early to start buying for the holidays for that hard to buy for uncle.

In the meantime, thanks for your support and tell a friend about the book. Actually don't tell them about the book, but tell them to buy the book.

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