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Seasons Change

While most of you are watching the leaves start to change colors and fall from the trees, we, here in the desert, are welcoming cooler temperatures, finally. Depression is starting to set in for most of the country as winter makes its relentless trek to your town. That could mean snow, or rain, or cloudy cold days. For us it means, cooler days and nights, and that we can finally go outside, for more than 42 seconds, without being scorched by the heat.

Unfortunately it also means that the return of the snowbirds is just around the corner too. I was reminded of that while talking with my sister yesterday. She will be here next weekend, for a short visit, but mentioned that she, and Michael, and Emily will all be here for the holidays for TWO WEEKS!

Linda can barely stand me for two weeks at a time, and she has to be here. What the heck will happen with my family for two weeks? It is nothing against them, but it reminded me that we will suddenly have more traffic every day, more fanny's in seats at restaurants, and longer lines at the stores.

I know our economy needs these people down here but what a pain having them. Imagine if you had company staying at your house for seven months. That is what it is like living in a vacation capitol. Our weather finally gets better and now we have to share it with half of Canada and America.

Here is what we have to look forward to starting in October.

BNP Paribas Tennis Open in October (This is usually held in April and signals the end of snowbirds.)

Multiple fests and parades celebrating all the holidays through December

The American Express Desert Classic PGA golf tournament in January

Coachella Music Festival in March (Two weeks)

Stagecoach Music Festival right after in March (Two weeks)

The Ana LPGA Golf Tournament (The first major tournament of the year) in April

BNP Paribas Tennis Open returns to it's normal schedule in April.

This does not include all the other events going on every weekend throughout the season that bring thousands of people down here. Toss in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County people who have homes here and come every weekend and you have a mass of humanity all winter long.

For those of us who live here twelve months, we bitch and complain about everyone until they leave, and then have a party once they are gone. For my friends in Florida, you know what I'm talking about.

I know how the Indians felt when they saw that first boat from Europe on the horizon.

"Aw crap. Company now? Honey, put away the good stuff and break out the birch plates."

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