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Tennessee Police Are Worst Of All

The police and their pals in the States Attorney's office in Tennessee are going out of their way to prove they may be the most screwed up departments in the country, and that takes some work to do.

Recently there have been two stories so disgusting that I had to share them with you. I know you are familiar with the first one. This happened in January, when a young man was minding his own business driving to his mothers house for a dinner break from work. His name was Tyre Nichols. As you will recall a gang of police stopped him and beat him to death because they felt like it. EMT's and other police who arrived on the scene while this was going on did nothing to help this poor kid as he literally lay in the street dying from his injuries and the cops who beat him paraded around like they were somebody beating their chests and bragging to each other.

If you saw the video you were sick to your stomach unless you are either crazy or a twisted, worthless piece of garbage just like the cops who beat him. Not a good day for the state of Tennessee, or Memphis to be sure.

Not to be outdone, the police about 60 miles outside Nashville, stopped the above couple, Deonte Williams on the left, and Bianca Clayborne on the right, as they were driving with their five children from Atlanta to Chicago to attend a funeral in Mid February. Their crime? Driving in the left lane and having dark tinted windows on their car. I'm serious.

Once stopped the officers then told them to exit their vehicle while they conducted a detailed search. They found less than 5 grams of marijuana in the trunk, a misdemeanor in Tennessee, and immediately arrested Deonte. They told Bianca to follow them to the station with the kids where they could bond him out.

Once at the station they brought in the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. The police restrained Bianca as the Children Services people took all five kids including her four month old who she was still breast feeding. The reason? The police and Children Services filed charges with a judge that the children were being abused by the parents and needed to be immediately removed from them. They were then put into foster care.

It took Tennessee a week to schedule a hearing so they could get their kids back and instead the judge ordered them to both be tested for drugs, which isn't allowed as evidence in this case by Tennessee law. When the tests came back positive for one but negative for the other, another test was ordered, again this one is not admissible in court but the judge demanded they take it anyway. It came back positive for oxycodone and fentanyl with both parents deny they have ever taken either and they were denied the return of their children.

It has now been one month later and the state has, in the words of State Senator Raumesh Akbari, "Exercised extreme and flawed judgement in taking their children away and it seems they've doubled down on this poor decision."

The parents attorney, Courtney Teasley, said, "This shows how government systems that say they are there to protect have the ability to use those same protections to oppress." She went on to call the Children's Services Department, "abysmal" and added "now the children face being removed from Georgia to some school that they know nothing about."

Another state lawmaker, London Lamar, called for the return of the couple's children saying the state's action was "ridiculous" and an "overuse of power," describing it as "borderline discrimination." Borderline?

The parents are being forced to take time off work to drive to Nashville almost daily to see the kids who just want to go home. The kids sob each time the parents have to leave without them. According to their lawyer the state is doing all they can to make sure these people never get their children back. There is another hearing scheduled for Monday.

There have been reports on-line that the father had a warrant out for his arrest but this has not been confirmed, and even if he did why take the kids away from the mother? This whole thing is another example of being arrested, and punished, for being black, which is the worst thing you can be charged with in this country.


In 2023.

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