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The GOP Is Still Nuts

Happy July everyone. While you are trying to stay cool, dry, or hydrated, our friends in the Republican Party are busy as bees trying to destroy this country that they claim they love. It has been a while since I last updated you on the craziness happening with them so I thought that the week after our country's birthday would be the perfect time to let you know how nuts they are getting.

Let's begin in our nations capital where, the twin Jim's, Comer on the left and Jordan on the right, are investigating like two rabid dogs. They aren't getting anywhere, but they are investigating. In no particular order of money wasting, they are demanding that the Secret Service give them all the information they have found on who brought cocaine into the White House. They are sure it was either Hunter or Joe Biden even though there is not a shred of evidence to that end. In fact the entrance where it was found was the visitor entrance and nobody that works in the White House, nor the family, uses that entrance. But they are sure it was the Bidens.

They also are demanding that the financial community stops their practice of environmental, societal, and governance fairness, or ESG as they call it, because they are in violation of anti trust laws. Now they can't actually give them the rule of law that says that but they are pretty sure that they are in violation, just trust them on this. Someone from QAnon told them so.

They are also hell bent on defunding the FBI, DOJ, DOD, and multiple other agencies because they continue to investigate and charge the former President with multiple crimes and are not doing the same to the Biden family, the Clinton family, and every other Democrat that they hate. This just bothers them to no end because it is getting very hard to explain to their base why the guy they worship keeps getting charged with felonies. It is just easier to eliminate the agencies charging him.

Speaking of Hunter Biden, they are now investigating why he was able to plead guilty on his tax issue and receive a lighter sentence then they would have liked. As you will recall they were hoping for the death penalty which is pretty standard for IRS crimes. Even though this case is over they are still determined to bring him back up on the same charges he has already pled to, the Constitution be damned.

And don't think for one minute I've forgotten about Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers pictured above on the right with the twin Jim's. Now that Kari Lake is living at Mar-a-Lago full time, Rogers becomes the craziest person in Arizona. Recently she re-Tweeted a pornographic movie depicting Hunter Biden that violated all kinds of state and national laws. She claimed she didn't know it has sex on it because she didn't really watch it first before sending it on its way. This is the main thing the GOP does now, they are against things they never have read, seen, heard, or know about if someone from their base sends them a note and tells them it bothers them.

Speaking of nut jobs, the former President has been indicted on 37, so far, counts of espionage, refusing to return, and sharing classified documents in a case he has admitted several times to being guilty of. If there ever was a slam dunk case, this is it. This will surprise you, 45% of Republicans say these charges have only made them more likely to vote for this criminal in 2024. So now the GOP is pro espionage and pro endangering the lives of our spies around the world by this goof sharing classified information with any swinging dick he meets.

Lest you think these are the only stupid things they are in the middle of, hold on my friends, I'm not done.

They are moving forward at both the state and national levels to try to once again ban abortions everywhere. The fact that over 70% of the country is against this, and that includes over 60% of their own party, has not deterred them from their mission. They apparently learned nothing from the disaster of the midterm elections.

They're still on a mission to make sure they let everyone know they hate the LGBTQ+ community by having seven state Attorney Generals send a letter to Target telling them that by selling merchandise under a pride banner they have violated their state's child protection laws. Now they can't actually point out those laws, or give Target direction on what they need to change, but they are adamant that some law, somewhere, has been broken because Gloria from their state told them so.

Just when I think they can't get any nuttier, they go and prove me wrong again. The House and Senate Republicans are up in arms over a scene in the new movie Barbie. No I'm not kidding. It seems that in the movie there is a map, not even as the main part of the scene, just there in the background, that shows a dotted line in the South China Sea that makes it look like China actually has more territorial waters then they really do. This has them outraged and they want the movie banned. So just like the case for anti LGBTQ+ the Supremes voted on last week, the GOP is now upset and demanding this move be stopped because of a fake map, in a fake movie, about a doll.

When will these clowns ever learn?

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