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The GOP Needs To Be Reprogrammed

In my continuing campaign to make sure you don't miss any of the insanity that the GOP is trying to foist on the country I wanted to share with you what they are doing, or planning on doing, just this week alone. If you are a supporter of this once great party then, I'm sorry for you, and second, you are not going to like what you read here.

In TX a federal judge, using flawed science and crazy internet lies for his reasoning, struck down the FDA approval, twenty years ago, of an abortion pill that is safer than Tylenol. His ruling, for some reason, effects the entire country. Once again the conservative movement is on the wrong side of an issue.

Staying in TX, the goofy governor is going to pardon an Army SGT who was just found guilty of shooting a demonstrator at a BLM rally. The guy hasn't even been sentenced and he announced his decision. The party of law and order indeed. I'm sure the jurors appreciate taking two weeks of their lives to be told their decision doesn't matter.

Up in ID where it is ground zero for the White Christian Nationalist Movement, or as you may know them, fascist Nazi's, they are turning cities, one at a time, into their little hotbed of hate and separation. They make the Taliban look like liberals.

Sliding down to KS. Even though voters last fall voted overwhelmingly to allow abortions in their state, the state legislature, which is GOP controlled, continues to try to pass the most restrictive anti abortion laws in the country, their electorate be damned.

Over to IA where the state AG just announced she was no longer going to allow any woman who was raped to have access to an abortion, an abortion pill, or contraceptives that could make sure she doesn't get pregnant. Apparently she and the GOP there would rather see a woman give birth to a rapists child then make sure she doesn't have to carry the trauma for nine months. More GOP love.

In TN, the city of Franklin has been hosting a gay pride celebration weekend for the past fifteen or so years. It had been a source of pride for people in the city to show how they can get along with anyone. Until this year when the city is refusing to issue a permit to the group to hold their festival. Why? Because a few people in town do not want their children to be exposed to satanic demonstrations by demonic non people. So another chapter of the great Christian Conservative population is heard from. Love thy neighbor to be sure.

Speaking of TN, the State House expelled two black representatives for the horrible crime of showing solidarity with protesting students voicing their disapproval of guns in schools. They allowed the white lady representative who stood with them to stay of course. They also immediately passed a new law making it easier to get guns after another nut shot up a grade school last week.

Over in FL a GOP representative called, on the house floor, transgender people "demonic mutants and Imps", as his response to the transgender community trying to take over the whole world in his opinion.

Also in FL the even nuttier than TX Governor, Ron DeSantis, is on a mission to destroy the Disney Company in FL. Why would someone want to destroy the states biggest jobs producer and income generator? Because they are too woke for his liking. He is especially upset that they have a hiring rule that does not allow discrimination based on race or gender. He finds this intolerable.

In the great Commonwealth of VA and entire election staff in one county resigned this week because of constant violent threats against them. The threats are coming from election deniers who are adamant that Trump won and he was cheated and they want the election offices to overturn the election and change who and how people vote going forward. Even though they have had multiple investigations that show there was zero fraud, these morons do not believe it because conservative media keeps telling the there was fraud.

And now onto our nations capital. Washington DC GOP are losing their minds on multiple issues and avoiding what is in front of them on many others.

Jim Jordan fired off a subpoena to the AG of NYC demanding that he come to testify as to why he is on a witch hunt to try Trump. A) Jordan is the same guy who refused to follow a subpoena from the House 1/6 committee to testify and B) he has no authority to demand any state come and testify before Congress..

Also, the GOP is trying to get the Biden administration to bomb Mexico to stop the flow of fentanyl into the US. They are apparently not concerned about this being an act of war, or completely illegal. It sounds good to their rabid base and that is all that matters.

Finally, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was caught with his hand in the cookie jar for accepting, for years, multi thousands of dollars of free trips and meals by a "good friend" and not reporting these gifts as he is supposed to do. Nothing to see here say the GOP in DC, but Hunter Biden's laptop...

There was a wonderful story this week that said while the GOP knows that the craziness that they are spreading out there daily may hurt them with the general public, it is a huge hit with their base and that is all they care about. This insanity is an actual game plan of theirs. This is how far they have fallen from reality.

They are also only interested in spreading more buzz words to their faithful like Woke, libtards, grooming, and Soros lacky liberal elites are just a few of the things they say daily and get it repeated all night on Fox News and other conservative networks. This gives their growing uneducated base all the gunpowder it needs to become violent and even goofier than they already are. And I mean uneducated. If you are a believer in the GOP platform then you are uneducated yourself. Grab a mirror.

The GOP is hell bent on getting more guns into more people's hands, no matter how crazy they are, in their wrong thinking belief that more guns equals safer schools and streets. A first grader knows this is insane thinking. I have people tell me daily to stop blaming guns, it is people that kill. And I keep telling them I will the first time a coroner releases a death certificate that says someone died by a crazy person instead of it saying they died from GUNSHOT wounds.

Isn't it ironic that the GOP and conservatives are more interested in saving the lives of a fetus than they are of saving the lives of a child in a schoolroom. Pretty stupid thinking by pretty stupid people.

The GOP needs to be stopped at every level of governance. School boards, to city, to county, to state, to federal offices they need to be voted out or it will only continue to get worse. They are dangerous, insane, and are on a mission to continue to spread hate and fear and ultimately reach their goal of destroying our democracy. And if you think I am exaggerating then read a paper.

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