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The Mine Field of Social Media

If you don't recognize the above logo, good for you, it makes you a better person than me.

It was January 1, 2019 that I closed down my Twitter account because I found myself spending so much time, energy, and anger with it, that I became a person I didn't like. I realized that all the things I hated about it, I had become, and it scared me and frustrated me.

Many people who know me best, for years, have called me out over my lack of patience and my negativity. I took that criticism to heart and really worked hard at being more patient and less negative. And after spending many months of consciously working on this, I still got the same crap about both from those same people. I took that as a sign of their lack of insight and moved on.

What I realized was that I had an issue with one thing. Stupid people doing and saying stupid things.

I could honestly overlook most things in life, and in fact, truth be told, I could care less about most things. The problem comes with the things I am passionate about, family, friends, music, some sports, and politics, these are the things that set me off when someone says or does something dumb.

Let me give you two examples that show both sides of what I'm writing about.

As a manager in business, if one of my staff promised something to a client that we couldn't deliver, I would work with that person to help solve the issue as best as we could, and then I would spend time showing them what tools they could use going forward to help them make better decisions. I didn't yell, or insult them, or call them names, I showed tons of patience with them and helped them become better business people.

On the other hand, when someone tells me that the St. Louis Cardinals fans are the smartest, and best, fans in baseball I go nuclear on them. Cubs fans endured 108 years of misery and still filled the ballpark, cheering for them when they did well and booing them when they sucked, that is being a great fan. Cheering for a team that wins titles nearly every other year is pretty freaking easy.

In my mind that is pretty clear minded, rational thinking and is not negative. As for my lack of patience, I realized a few years ago that I used up all I had at work and by the time I got to my social life, I had none left to give. Now that I'm semi-retired I find I am regaining some of that patience, unless someone says or does something stupid.

So what does this have to do with social media you say? Saturday I ended my self imposed boycott of social media by starting up a new Twitter account. I didn't want to use the old one because I didn't want to immediately start getting the same idiots saying the same stupid things that frustrated me to begin with. That will happen fast enough.

I did it for two primary reasons. First, I wanted to have another platform to promote this blog and increase viewership and subscriptions. I know that will take time but eventually I will get more people reading it and sharing it themselves. Secondly, I could not sit back, and not make my feelings known, regarding the idiot-in-chief running our country right now. I know many of you are fans of his, and I'm sorry you have to find out this way from me, that I find him a disgusting human being.

I will not use this blog to discuss politics, as I promised, so enough said today about that topic.

There are plenty of other reasons to follow me on Twitter as I comment on a host of issues and stories. Many of them are actually harmless, and fun, and safe for the whole family. Some things you will not be happy about, and I am going to apologize right now about that, and some things you might find just as interesting.

You can find me at @ldm1828 or Chi2PD.

As my least favorite Chicago Bull of all time once said, "I'm Back!"

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